How often have you been faced with situation when you schedule a meeting trying to offer time slots that will suit all participants again and again? Do you recall how tough it was? How many iterations does this usually take? Have you ever thought about how you can avoid this nightmare?

SmartCloud Connect has added the Calendar Availability feature – the ability to offer a bunch of slots in which you’ll be available for a meeting or call. You don’t need to create a series of meeting requests guessing the right time.

Look how it works.

While you’re creating a new email or writing a reply, click the Calendar icon in the bottom right corner:



In the pop-up window you can add details about a location of a planned event (1) and also tick the check box “Share with Salesforce” (2) if you want to save it with Salesforce.


Now click one of  the “Open Calendar” buttons:


Here you can see your calendar with all scheduled meetings:


Select any free slots which you would like to offer your customers or peers in your email:


Then click the Calendar button again:


In the popup window, review the slots you going to offer and accept your choice:


Now your slots are added to your email:


Click “Send” the email and wait for a response from your recipients.

Good luck!

Your SmartCloud Connect Team

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