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What is SmartCloud Connect?

Data Sync Engine

Bi-directional sync of emails, calendar, files, tasks and contacts between Inbox and Salesforce

Rule-based, semi-automatic and automatic

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Window to Salesforce

Reveal pipeline, Opportunities, Leads, Contacts, Cases and any custom records, getting Inbox-driven insights to close every deal

Full support of your companies` processes and workflows

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Enterprise Scheduling

Leverage a personal meeting booking page and let the meetings be scheduled themselves

Insert your preferred availability periods into emails and enable everyone to book your calendar in seconds

Unique to SmartCloud Connect

Unrivaled sync engine customization

Unmatched full calendar sync

Portfolio of 3rd party system integrations

Integration of company specific processes

Turn-key solutions of any complexity

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This app has been a great help to our users. It is so much easier than the other apps we've tried and much easier than the "Email to Salesforce" functionality.

I can't imagine our instance with out it!

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We succeed when our customers do


increase sales productivity


less sales operational costs


more accurate reporting and forecasting
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The integration of SmartCloud Connect changed the way our sales staff worked and processed information for the better. We have much greater visibility of what’s going on and what needs to be done, as well as insight into what we can improve. There has definitely been a spike in productivity and accuracy. Read More

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Jase DuRard

Revenue Officer at AccuReg

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SmartCloud Connect services have been a great success in our sales department. Now, thanks to the easy sync process, every sales representative on our team actively uses Salesforce and we noticed a positive rise in productivity and decrease in errors. Read More

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Aditya Bhagavatula

ERP Manager at Belden

Nothing clarifies things better than a live talk

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About SmartCloud Connect

SmartCloud Connect is a plugin for Salesforce, Office365, Gmail and Outlook integration. It is an all-in-one connector of enterprise-class CRM-driven processes and the tools that people actually use day-by-day. SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce is a leader in CRM and email integration. The plugin helps companies to improve CRM adoption, drive sales productivity, and bridge integration gaps between CRM, Line-of-Business, and email systems.

The add-in is a five-star rated solution in both Salesforce AppExchange and Microsoft Office Store. It provides full access to Salesforce environment from Inbox & Calendar and allows sales, service and marketing teams to perform their daily business tasks in the quickest and most effective manner.

Boosting the daily routines productivity of sales, service, and marketing teams, the plugin is available on smartphones and tablets. It provides the availability for users to work with Salesforce, in accordance with all their pre-set desktop configurations, without ever leaving their native Microsoft Outlook application or Gmail.

Shortcut for you and your managers to use Salesforce more effective

Besides its unrivalled synchronization engine, SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce gives a new level of insight against very contact, opportunity, or account you view in your CRM. Viewing the activity levels and last email interaction dates also helps both you and your team to better plan your time.

Salesforce Gmail Integration

SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce integrates essential Salesforce data with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google apps. It takes away the need of constant switching between Salesforce and Gmail inbox, providing the ability to work from a single environment. With the help of the contextual sidebar, users can easily view all their essential Salesforce data right beside their emails. The plugin is a cure for Salesforce adoption. It makes the CRM easier to use, improves the quality and the quantity of data that actually gets to Salesforce, and enables to have the vital customer data where users need it most - in Gmail.

Complete Privacy and Control

Our smart connector provides a full-fledged set of customized configurations that give you complete control over your privacy. You can specify which emails and contacts are processed, define synchronization rules, specify who get visibility at administrator level, and more.

No Duplicates and Data Loss

SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce ensures that all of your business contacts are not lost and the last communication details are visible to the whole team in Salesforce. While you're working in Inbox, the tool recognizes all duplicate records in your CRM. It finds similar leads and contact entries in your Salesforce, suggests you to merge them, and have the data you can rely on.

100% customization

SmartCloud Connect is easily customized to fit your needs. You can choose which Salesforce objects and object fields you want to view and edit, or which criteria to use when searching for relevant records in Salesforce. Both standard and custom Salesforce objects are supported. You can also pick a customization from your colleague to get up and running quickly, or you can share your own customization with other users in your organization.

The product is powered by - the company with more than 10 years of enterprise-class experience in integration and melding corporate systems with the tools that mailbox.’s secret sauce is that it provides always-on, seamless, server-side integration for the leading CRMs including, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle CRM On Demand, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C), SugarCRM, NetSuite, and other Line-of-Business applications. ensures CRM adoption by providing transparent integration with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Notes, Gmail/G Suite, etc. is trusted by over 500.000+ users worldwide. If you are struggling with CRM adoption and integration challenges or are looking for a better, more reliable integration platform for CRM and email systems, we invite you to try and download SmartCloud Connect. Contact us about a 15-day free trial or download the plugin on Microsoft Appsource or Salesforce Appexchange.