Do not change people, change software!

We put people first; this approach serves as the foundation of our decision-making process, as well as basic prerequisite for every step in product development

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Our Vision

In 2004, when we grasped the idea behind the difference between a good and a perfect integration, we felt the unlimited power for future growth and transformation. We perceived that the actual difference in integration quality is whether or not you notice it. This insight marked the official beginning of the company in July 2006.

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Our Mission

Data integration being our first core mission; process integration follows in tracks. You have already got expectations and predefined workflows you favor, and really great customer-oriented products preserve them intact to facilitate native look and smooth feel. Integration should be invisible. Thus, here abide our vision and mission.

Core Values

We are committed to the total success of our clients, abiding by principles of security and trust, simplicity and reliability, 360° support and lightning-speed response to their urgent needs.

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Absolute Security

We care about corporate data protection, safeguard company data, ensure end-to-end privacy and complete compliance with all required regulations.

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Efficient Onboarding

The roll-out of SmartCloud Connect across an enterprise doesn’t impede its workflow and facilitates customer success due to its lightning speed operability.

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Continual Advancement

We have developed a ground-breaking technology and keep leading the pack, by offering forward-thinking solutions through our deep expertise.

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Reliable Support

We provide 365/24/7 support which ensures efficient customer care in case of any emergencies that might arise, be they trite or non-trivial ones.

Partners & Customers

Over the years, we gained trust of sizable enterprises and startups alike. We established long-term partnerships and customer relations with industry leaders. They unanimously favor SmartCloud Connect that enhances productivity, saves time, as well as provides end-to-end security and professional support.

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ROI Calculations

We are privileged to have multiple returning customers whose ROI soared after we became their business solution provider. Our offering is of real value to enterprises as we know all the ropes of business data and process integration.

ROI calculations underlying SmartCloud Connect implementation are the following:


less sales operational costs


increase sales productivity


more accurate reporting and forecasting
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Comparison of sales operations costs
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Hall of Fame

We earned a number of awards and certificates for successfully bringing customer needs and technology innovations together.
Among them:

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Meet People behind Brand & Product

In order to close the gap between CRMs and email clients, as well as uncover the huge power of data, we created SmartCloud Connect. We envisaged the project as a certain floating bridge between two banks of the mighty river of sales. We serve as bridge creators and keepers, being immensely proud of our noble mission. Our executive management team sparkles with wit, talent and creativity.

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Vlad Voskresensky


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Roman Shovkun

Director of Worldwide Sales

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Andriy Chernyuk

Director. Strategic Accounts and Professional Service

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Sviatoslav Lobach

Product Owner of SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce

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Anton Zubenko

Senior Director of Product Development

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Max Bondarenko


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Konstantin Vaganov


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Derek Anderson


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Vasiliy Sharov

VP of Business Operations

Place IS important

Being located in the places most suited for software development, our headquarters and regional offices cover our global presence and offer access to versatile talent pools worldwide to increase our competitive advantage. Californian and Eastern European vibes facilitate multiple ideas generation and their further nourishment, while Atlanta and Seattle offices are responsible for highly efficient business operations from pole to pole.

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US Headquarters

650 Castro St, Suite 120/385 Mountain View, CA 94041


Two main directions we’re moving in are making corporate systems more actionable and making people more productive. Our team has no intention to shudder to a halt: the inbox is only the beginning. Our think-tank is striving to optimize current services and widen the range of prospective features.