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How to – Use Calendar availability and avoid ping-pong while planning your meetings.

How often have you been faced with situation when you schedule a meeting trying to offer time slots that will suit all participants again and again? Do you recall how tough it was? How many iterations does this usually take? Have you ever thought about how you can avoid this nightmare? SmartCloud Connect has added the Calendar Availability feature – the ability to offer a bunch of slots in which you’ll be available for a meeting or call. You don’t need to create a series of meeting requests guessing the right time. Look how it works. While you're creating a new email or writing a reply, click the Calendar icon in the bottom right corner:   In the pop-up window you can add details about a location of a planned event (1) and also tick the check box “Share with Salesforce” (2) if you want to save it with Salesforce. Now click one of  the “Open Calendar” buttons: Here you can see [...]

March 9th, 2017|Events

SmartCloud Connect powered by Invisible is a Silver sponsor of Southeast Dreamin’ 2017 – the Salesforce community-led annual event, which starts in less than a month – on March 30th at the JW Mariott Buckhead in Atlanta.

Southeast Dreamin’ was created by Salesforce users for Salesforce users, to provide learning and networking opportunities as well as facilitate collaborations. The event takes two days and offers a bunch of informative sessions where Salesforce admins and users share their valuable experience on how to benefit more from Salesforce. SmartCloud Connect powered by Invisible will be presenting its solutions - SmartCloud Connect and SmartCloud Connect 2.0. SmartCloud Connect is “melding” Salesforce into email clients (Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, IBM Notes), providing a smart window into your CRM system with access to all relevant and necessary business information.  It allows to: create and update Salesforce business records directly from an email or calendar event, save emails and attachments to Salesforce, log any interaction activities with customers, create follow-ups, get customer insight from Salesforce and social media, post to Chatter feeds, compose email messages with Salesforce letter templates and track their openings, and more.   SmartCloud Connect 2.0 provides you with AI capabilities, giving [...]

February 8th, 2017|News

Salesforce within Outlook for iOS – new version of SmartCloud Connect makes it available

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — February 7, 2017 –, the global leader in enterprise-class integration solutions, is happy to announce that its product SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce now fully supports “the best email app for iPhone” - Outlook for iOS.  Mobile experience is an integral part of any business process nowadays, so enterprises aim to provide their employees with access to corporate automation whether in the office, on a business trip or working remotely from home. SmartCloud Connect, traditionally melding Salesforce business into personal tools such as Outlook, Office 365, Gmail and IBM Notes is now available in Outlook for iOS. SmartCloud Connect allows iPhone and iPad users to experience the unrivaled power of Salesforce within their favorite email app. No more switching between different applications, digging through business information or manually logging recent activity data into CRM. SmartCloud Connect turns your iPhone into a powerful communication tool, combining traditional interaction channels and business intelligence and allowing you to make smarter decisions faster. [...]

Dreamforce 2016 Key TakeAways From Vlad Voskresensky, Invisible CEO

Dreamforce is one of most iconic events in the IT world, setting up trends for the upcoming years. It was a great opportunity for our team to show our product, meet customers and friends. We also got the chance to see our competitors, learn new things and visit an amazing Dreamforce Gala party, where U2 was giving a special concert. Today our CEO Vlad Voskresensky shares his key impressions from Dreamforce. Corporate automation (CRM and beyond) It’s actively moving from a “system of records” concept to a “coaching” concept, providing insight and analysis. There is a ton of data in various forms being accumulated by modern corporations. The promise is that instead of generating complex reports and trying to find answers themselves, users may benefit from the intelligence of corporate automation. This allows data driven conclusions to be made automatically and presented to users in the right time and manner. Salesforce and many other vendors are trying to apply machine learning or [...]

Percentage Improvement Calculation | How SmartCloud Connect helps to benefit more from Salesforce and boost productivity of Your Team

Starting the implementation of a new CRM project every business has concerns about when its investments will be paid off. It doesn’t matter how quick the project goes to production and how much revenue you get if you still spend money on ineffective operations in non optimized processes. You can have much profit if you calculate estimated ROI before the project starts based on historical data and expected project costs and then compare it with your company performance, which you want to get after project implementation ends. Today we share our basic indicators for SCC ROI calculation, which we collected from our customers - early SmartCloud Connect adopters. Using sales performance data before they implement SCC they were able to calculate the major improvements they’ve got after the implementation. Shortening deal closure time by 25% SmartCloud Connect speeds up the sales process from the first contact with the prospect to signing a contract and closing a deal. Most influencing factors: Ability to [...]

How – To | Use CHATTER and Get an easy way to cooperate with your colleagues

Enterprise social shows steady growth during the last few years. Due to popularity of Facebook and other social networks, people communicate more and more with each other, - share photos and thoughts, make friends, searching for jobs etc. - in this virtual world. Many researches reveal that people who actively use social media in their personal lives are more likely use it in the office. This rising trend pushes companies to implement respective software in business and integrate it with corporate legacy systems. Enterprise social software platforms can provide many helpful features like user profiles, chats, wikis, groups, threads, file storages etc.  Numbers of organizations use social platforms to support communications in sales, service and customer success departments, as well as to organize interactions with customers or cooperate with partners. During enterprise social software implementation companies often face two common problems – lack of integration with existing business software and low user adoption. That’s why Salesforce provides its own enterprise social platform [...]

June 21st, 2016|News

SmartCloud Connect, leading integration of Outlook / Office365 to Salesforce, announces its availability on Mac platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — June 21, 2016 – SmartCloud Connect by Invisible Solutions which enables businesses to work with enterprise systems without leaving familiar inbox environment (such as Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail) is now available on the Mac platform! SmartCloud Connect boosts the productivity of sales teams by merging Salesforce data and user experience with the Inbox, providing contextual data and smart features.   With SmartCloud Connect users of the Mac platform will now be able to synchronize the data between email client and Salesforce, including (but not limited to) contacts, calendar events, tasks, leads, opportunities, and even custom types. It also allows you to perform contextual and quick actions such as check the record details at Salesforce, change fields, record email to Salesforce as activity, create new records and many others right from within your Inbox.   SmartCloud Connect does not need any installation; it is an enablement process, accessible through AppExchange and/or Microsoft Office Store.   “In today’s world of [...]

CRM of Things

Even 10 years ago it was hard to imagine what our world would be with the development of the Internet and technology. They touch almost all business areas and make them to evolve together with new trends appearing. One of the most recent emerging trends that’s going to make a revolution in business is the Internet of Things (IoT) – when everything can be connected to the Internet: equipped with sensors, smart things can exchange data, making our lives easier. Gartner named the Internet of Things the fifth driver of CRM systems together with cloud, social, mobile and large data. It predicts that there will be more than 26 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020! IoT rapidly changes our understanding on how to market, sell and service goods. It truly offers huge opportunities for companies by changing the way they can get know their customers in order to provide them better goods and services. IoT allows us not only to [...]

June 6th, 2016|News

New Release of SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce Reaches New Heights for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — June.6. 2016 –. InvisibleSolutions, the global player in bringing enterprise experience into personal tools announced new release of SmartCloud Connect which melds Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce on a new level. In cooperation with Microsoft Corp., we are creating a synergy between mail applications and one of the world`s best CRM providing powerful tool across all Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 connected devices. “SmartCloud Connect is an outstanding tool to achieve more with your current team. It arms your sales force with data, knowledge and functionality at the right time and in the right place by bringing Salesforce context into Email, Tasks and Calendar.” Vlad Voskresensky, CEO at InvisibleSolutions SmartCloud Connect breaks boundaries between Salesforce and Mailbox and combines those systems which provides additional value for our users. SmartCloud Connect helps increase sales productivity and allows you to sell smarter by simple to use and yet powerful functionality such as: automatically saves to Salesforce: emails, [...]

May 11th, 2016|News

SmartCloud Connect expands into new markets, meet the InvisibleSolution Team at the Salesforce World Tour London

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — May 10th, 2016 – InvisibleSolutions, an independent software vendor presenting its most popular product, SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce on Salesforce World tour in London, 19th May, 2016. SmartCloud Connect breaks boundaries between Salesforce and Mailbox and combines those systems which provides additional value for our users. SmartCloud Connect helps increase sales productivity and for you to sell smarter due to the high level of functionality which works all in one click: personalize sales through rapport with clients using LinkedIn and Facebook automatically saves to Salesforce: emails, meetings, tasks and attachments select Salesforce email templates track who opens your emails create, update and edit your contacts, leads, opportunities, accounts and all other Salesforce objects including custom objects as well. SmartCloud Connect skyrockets your efficiency which means you’re able to service more customers in a smaller amount of time, making them an essential part of the sales process. With potential future cooperation we will continue offering smart ways for improving [...]

SmartCloud Connect announces new features!

SmartCloud Connect is a cloud application that provides a “smart window” from Outlook or Office 365 to Salesforce and synchronizes business information between Salesforce and the users Mailbox. It requires no special efforts to get enabled - anyone with Salesforce and Office365 (Outlook 2013+) accounts can enable it without involving an IT specialists or administrator. SmartCloud Connect offers a wide range of tools, which allows you to perform daily business tasks without leaving the familiar Outlook/Office365 environment and switching to Salesforce. It’s easy to upgrade and maintain the application – since it’s in the cloud, new features are simply added to your mailbox automatically, as soon as we release them! No need to switch to a new version or re-install the product – you can start using new features immediately! So, what’s new in SmartCloud Connect? First, we improved Magic Pixel - a simple code embedded into your email that the recipient does not see, but it gives you insight into your [...]

How to turn your clients into brand advocates?

How do you start when you want to buy a product or service? We guess by searching the Internet. You try to find reviews and opinions from other customers who have already bought the product from a certain supplier and have used it for some time. With the Internet you have full access to all the information you need to make a decision and only one click of the mouse is needed to make a purchase.   According to Nielsen research, 92% of consumers say that the most valuable insight on buying a product is that in which they get from people they know and 70% also trust opinions posted online. Thus today in our highly-connected world it’s not enough just to gain customers to succeed in your business, you need to turn some of them into brand advocates.   These people should be really loyal to your company, they have to share your brand culture and be connected with your brand [...]