There are countless productivity apps on AppExchange, but how many of them actually enrich your work life? With a bunch of deals, details about several accounts, and deadlines, there’s a lot for you to keep track of. You’re busy enough as it is, and more often than not, having the right tools can make all the difference. If you haven’t embraced the flood of great software on the sales market, it’s time to start. Here are ten sales time-saving apps that will help you with everything from learning more about your prospects, to taking up care of some of the sales workflows routine that’s eating up your time.


1.     Spring CM

SpringCM is a secure, scalable, and highly configurable document and contact management platform. It helps you build document-based workflows and enable collaboration across your entire enterprise. With SpringCM, you can generate, automate, manage, store, and simplify the full lifecycle of your documents and contracts, creating efficient processes to better serve your workforce.


2.     NewVoiceMedia

NewVoice Media is a cloud contact centre and inside sales platform that delivers more successful conversations.The solution enables to route inbound calls based on data in any field on any object in Salesforce to the right agent. The tool works from within Salesforce, so there’s no need to swivel between the apps. Your sales team will place more calls and have more conversations while your service team solves problems with ease.


3.     MapAnything

MapAnything is a seemingly useful productivity catalyst. It’s a Salesforce-native geo mapping solution, providing territory management, proximity-based searching, and visualization maps. You can optimize travel routes, verify check-ins, and view real-time traffic without the need to switch between Google Maps and Salesforce. As well as log calls, update records, send emails and create new tasks for yourself and your colleagues just from the map.


4.     SmartCloud Connect

SmartCloud Connect is highly customizable, an all-in-one solution that brings Salesforce right to your Inbox and Calendar; it lets you synchronize emails, meetings and tasks between your CRM and Office 365, Outlook and Gmail. Using the contextual sidebar you can see and edit everything you need about leads, contacts, opportunities and other custom objects right from your Inbox.


5.     DocuSign

DocuSign for Salesforce is one of the most popular apps on AppExchange and ranked #1 by analysts like Forrester, Gartner, and Ombud. Being the market share leader in e-Signature (>70%), the solution is favorable in enabling people to electronically sign agreements and making it easy. DocuSign meets the broadest set of global and industry use cases. You can have your clients sign and send back your documents within a matter of minutes.


6.     Zapier

Zapier moves your data between Salesforce and a great bundle of other apps. You can trigger any number of actions based on your objects in Salesforce. The solution connects your Salesforce to all web apps that you’re using and automates your workflows in the ways you define.


7.     TaskRay

TaskRay is the 5-star rated project management solution that makes it easy for teams in every business to plan, execute, and report on their work so they can spend their time focused on the execution of their tasks. It enables to easily manage visualizations of projects and tasks with a great bunch of default and customized views: from Kanban, Row views, to Calendars, and more. Designed to be simple and intuitive,TaskRay matches a wide variety of work processes, project management styles, action plans, and reporting.


8.     ClearSlide

ClearSlide for Salesforce puts content, communications, and insights at your fingertips.

Real-time views of your teams engagement across all communication channels: dashboards, proactive notifications, and account engagement. It lets you coach reps, replicate the best practices and forecast more accurately.


9. InsightSquared

With InsightSquared, sales operations professionals are all-set to forecast more accurately, ensure pipeline goals are met, provide executives with a historical analysis of sales performance. The tool allows you to see the pipeline history in a single interactive chart with historical data in Salesforce. By comparing past revenue to your past pipeline, you can better predict your pipeline and hit your goals


10. Hunter

Hunter lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business. A nice little touch is that besides of finding the email address of any professional, this tool allows you to verify the deliverability of any email address as well. From that standpoint, this solution identifies the most common pattern for email addresses, so even if the email you’re looking for isn’t there, you can still take an educated guess with a high chance of success.

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Nearly 65% of reps’ time is spent in non revenue-generating activities, leaving only 35% for functions related to selling.

Putting this in dollars and cents, the non-selling tasks might cost you a whole lot. The great news is that sales technologies can multiply your sales results, along the entire sales cycle. In this whitepaper you’ll learn:

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Technologies to accelerate and simplify your prospecting, qualification, evaluation, proposal, and closing stage;

The efficiency/cost overview of each tool, for every stage.

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Book-bang-for-entherpise 10 Best Salesforce Apps [Updated]

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