3 Effective Sales Closing techniques that work

Sales is a language game. Without polishing its strategies, the whole process might eventually become a series of nightmare reruns for both: you and your customers. Like those 3 am shows on tv channels that no one really wants to watch, but there’s nothing else on.

Indeed, too much of closing the sales depends on the right words you say. And what worked well a few years ago could be a turn-off to a prospect today.

To kick things off, we’ll steer you toward a few of our team’s fail-safes strategies for closing your next big sale.


Help your clients to achieve their goals

“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black.”

For almost a century, this famous quote by Henry Ford has been defining the baseline strategy of most sales organizations. Today, this tactic doesn’t work.

Instead, here’s the right mindset for closing deals from the word go: “The customer can have any product or service he wants, as long as he lets us tell him what he can have.”

To seal more deals today, sellers must shift their mindset from simply pushing their products. Alternatively, it is the customer’s needs that come first. Only then comes sellers’ flexible, creative approach to customizing products and solutions value to help customers achieve their desired outcome.

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Forget philosophy, talk cases

The old overconfident, mouthy sellers’ cliché is outdated for a reason. Take it as bold as it is: your customers hate when you’re pitching them a line, while talking about nothing concrete.

Instead, being brief and ‘’to the point’’ is that special secret sauce which separates an average seller from the professional dealmaker. Being good at demonstrating potential ROI for your prospects is definitely one of the best sales techniques to have in your locker.

When you’re communicating with prospects (especially when it comes to the closing stage), concentrate on some meaningful results you’ve already achieved for your existing clients. Complementing your follow-ups and emails with some proven case-studies and testimonials will be the best tactic to take.

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Avoid single points of contact

If you’re dealing with an organization that consists of more than hundred people, their purchasing decisions are made not by a single decision-maker but through mutual consensus.

Even though it consumes a great bunch of your business time, develop multiple contacts. The logics behind this technique is quite straightforward: the more people you know in your target organization, the higher chances they’ll reach consensus in your favor.

seo-image-3 3 Effective Sales Closing techniques


Don’t obsess about ‘closing’. When you’re trying to seal the deal, the worst thing you can do is to sound like you’re trying to sell something. Instead, prioritize the the buying process over your selling workflow.

Here, flexibility is the key: listen and educate your prospects about new ideas. The ones that will cover their needs. Collaborate with your potential clients, joining their circles of influence and showing them how your solution can deliver the max of ROI that they require.

That way, when it’s time to “close the deal,” it’s usually just a matter of saying “so, we’re going forward on this, right?”

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