3 Inside sales activities to boost your sales

It goes without saying salespeople are eager to streamline selling process. They are striving to make their sales skyrocket but their significant efforts sometimes bring no fruit at all. The troubling question “Why?” resounds throughout offices.

How-To: 3 ways to get more time to sell

We can come out with two reasons for this deplorable lack of efficiency:

The major part of productive time is consumed with activities that are not connected with sales directly

Sales activities are not supported by an advanced tech stack – specialized tools and technologies for sellin

inside-sales-activities-img1 3 Inside sales activities  to boost your sales

As for the statistical proof of the abovementioned statements, here are some numbers we’d like to impress you with. Hang on! – Sales reps spend nearly 65% of their time for the activities that do not generate revenue. Strange as it may sound, only 35% is left for selling as it is. Do you still need us to articulate the answer, why?

Now that we know the reasons for an underperformance, the next step is to cope with the challenge. There are 3 major pieces of advice we’d like to share with you, in order to help you optimize your sales.

Here are 3 inside sales reps’ activities that will surely boost your sales:

1. Utilize CRM and Sales Productivity Solutions

It has become common knowledge that CRM utilization is a must for every modern-day company, be it an enterprise, medium or small-sized business. CRM system helps salespeople manage customer data, customer interactions, and automate sales processes. The comprehensive data on prospects and leads stored in your CRM simplify your life, save precious time and increase productivity.

Besides using a CRM system, there are additional productivity solutions salespeople can resort to, in order to win back more time for selling. For example, SmartCloud Connect can automate your routine activities, such as dealing with emails and multiple attachments, scheduling meetings, managing document flow, etc. The solution enables salespeople to work with their customer and corporate information, without leaving their favorite applications — MS Outlook and Office 365. Every activity is performed on the fly, in time-saving mode.

full-width-pc-sales-activities 3 Inside sales activities  to boost your sales

2. Standardize Proposals, Contracts and Sales Collaterals

It’s recommended to use standardized templates that are created in advance by corresponding departments (legal, finances, marketing etc.). To avoid the situations when salespeople can commit mistakes in legal or financial documents that can have serious pecuniary implications or deplorable legal bindings, free them from doing the job that is not their own. Let them do what they know best – selling.

In this case, too, the purpose of automation can be achieved using apps that help salespeople spare time for more productive activities, besides manual routine tasks. For example, SmartCloud Connect allows using different pre-filled templates from your CRM system, while composing emails, at one click. It’s a weight off your shoulders during a buy day that is filled with writing thousands of standard letters, and it spares time for real creativity in sales.

inside-sales-activities-img2 3 Inside sales activities  to boost your sales

3. Reduce Administrative Work and Dull Routine Activities

Different administrative and support activities, such as proposal development, contract and billing management, consume great amounts of precious time that should be better allocated for selling as it is. As a result, a real customer is overlooked and neglected. So, it’s advisable to entrust support staff with such responsibilities, in order to save precious time of salespeople.

Everyday tips

There are some regular inside sales activities successful salespeople should execute every day:

Networking, speaking engagements, sponsored seminars, meetings with centers of influence.

Conversations/meetings to uncover a buying journey’s details and assess interest/need.

Gathering additional information on when to present a 'winning' solution to a buyer.

inside-sales-activities-img3 3 Inside sales activities  to boost your sales

If you don’t spend enough time on the above activities, it means you’re losing money, unfortunately...

Beside the abovementioned tips, there is one more way to save time for selling per se. This method is as old as hills but still applicable to all situations. For a stunning sales success, one of the most important activities is planning.

Bottom line

Sure, there are other inside sales activities besides the abovementioned ones that can help you boost your sales. But if you implement into life those few we told about, it would be great. If you act correctly and employ right solutions to support your sales process, even the most intimidating tasks in business can be approached easily and efficiently.

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