Implementing artificial intelligence in business is already said to be the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution that’s going to bring in perceivable changes into workflows. Businesses are actively using machine learning technology to improve their productivity and revenue, and looks like it won’t take long before we won’t be able to imagine our everyday lives without smart recommendations of a personal AI assistant.

Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM, is among the pioneer companies to create its own comprehensive AI for CRM. They have developed a set of artificial intelligence technologies called Einstein, which is now integrated with all of Salesforce services: Sales, Marketing, Service, Commerce Cloud and allows creating custom AI powered apps with myEinstein.

Machine learning makes great use of the companies unstructured data, providing valuable insights, forecasts and recommendations that work to improve individual and company productivity and focus on building trustworthy relationships with customers.

Extensive and powerful as it is, Einstein is not the only AI-driven product for Salesforce. We have researched numerous apps and services for Salesforce that use artificial intelligence and are presented at Salesforce AppExchange and have picked the most popular and  highly rated ones for different business areas that can extend the possibilities of Einstein and help drive business development.


ProsperVue is an AI powered visual sales accelerator for prospecting, insights, account management and productivity. Thanks to its predictive insights at each stage of the pipeline and intelligent territory management, sales reps know where their best leads/opportunities/customers are, along with their industry and firmographics and are suggested which of them should be contacted in the first place.

ProsperVue’s pre-built segmentation and advanced geoanalytics along with smart mapping of any Salesforce object allow running targeted campaigns in any territory, marketing products to the most profitable customers in a specific area.

Predictive lead scoring helps reps set their daily priorities, stay in touch with their leads and have the updated geocoded lead data at their fingertips.

ProsperVue customers value this cloud service for being a useful tool for selling locally and helping visualize prospects based on the existing customers database.

It seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, and is mobile ready.

Conversica Automated Sales Assistant

Conversica provides a solution that utilizes AI for lead engagement and qualification through two-way email conversation that totally mimics human.

Basically, businesses receive an automated sales assistant that works with each lead, 24/7, doesn’t call in sick and never forgets to log interaction data. Machine learning technology allows Conversica AI to understand the email contents and tone, and decide upon the next step. It keeps on nurturing leads till they either are interested or opt out. When the automated assistant qualifies a lead as hot, it is handed over to a sales rep, with access to the complete communication history.

This AI-based software saves hundreds of hours of sales’ reps time by doing prospecting, letting them focus on closing more deals with leads that are engaged and ready to buy.

Conversica provides comprehensive reports on its own and specific sales reps’ performance (number of leads contacted, interested, at risk, lead satisfaction scores), best lead sources in terms of ROI etc.

This app gets a near-perfect score from its Salesforce users, and is valued for being the tool to improve lead engagement, reengagement and conversions, and a great time saver.

Conversica is Lightning ready and works both for Salesforce and Salesforce1 app.

SmartCloud Connect

SmartCloud Connect is an enterprise-class AI-powered solution that integrates Office365, Outlook and Gmail with Salesforce and provides automatic bi-directional synchronization between Mailbox and Salesforce (including emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, attachments).

SmartCloud Connect allows accessing and logging data into Salesforce without having to switch back and forth between mailbox and CRM, which saves time and improves user adoption. Its email tracking feature empowers sales reps with accurate info on when and where their emails were opened to follow up immediately. The platform takes over the routine work, allowing employees to attend to their key duties and assists in providing them the relevant data at the right time.

SCC AI enables smarter and faster selling through actionable insights identifying the right people to contact the lead, opportunity monitoring and alerts if anything goes wrong, auto-creating tasks and events based on the email communication. It helps refine customer support by instantly providing data on the latest cases of a specific customer once they send a support request. Marketers benefit from smart suggestions to include contacts into super-targeted campaigns in a click.  

SmartCloud Connect is appreciated by users as an easy to use, intuitive tool that greatly improves productivity and saves time.

The service is mobile ready and seamlessly integrates with Salesforce.

Unbabel Translate

Unbabel is the translation software that lets a customer service team handle requests from customers in 28 (currently) languages. Unbabel utilizes the power of AI with some human assistance to remove the language barriers for companies willing to expand geographically.

The service translates international requests for service agents and lets them respond in their native language, making sure the customer receives the response in theirs.  This significantly decreases response times and boosts customer satisfaction.

Integrated into Salesforce Service Cloud, Unbabel Translate does all the heavy lifting through its AI powered technology, letting businesses expand their geographical horizons without the need to duplicate personnel for new languages.

Users consider Unbabel an extremely useful and innovative solution for multilingual customer service.

Unbabel Translate is available for Salesforce Classic and Lighting.


DigitalGenius is an artificial intelligence powered solution for customer support service. It aims to improve customer service operations through AI with the human touch.

DigitalGenius uses Deep Learning technology to use the historical service logs for communicating with customers, automating repetitive tasks, routing cases, providing suggestions to agents or responding to requests automatically.

As the response speed increases, so does the customer satisfaction, which is especially important during peak activity.

Users at Salesforce AppExchange rate DigitalGenius high as an app that reduces the time service agents spend on routine activities, decrease the customer service costs and help ensure high quality service.

Wrap Up

We’ve reviewed ways of extending the power of Salesforce AI in different areas, depending on individual business requirements based on the Salesforce AppExchange users’ choice. The apps are presented from the most to the least rated.

Evidently, artificial intelligence is making huge progress today, and quickly becoming an integral part of business success. The apps presented above are a demonstration of how effective technology may be in handling the routine activities and letting humans concentrate on the tasks machines can not master.  

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