Break free from your hard drive by reaching your favourite cloud storage without a hitch

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In-line your files, documents, and contracts with the right Salesforce objects

Seize a real-time bi-directional attachment synchronization between Inbox and your favourite 3-rd party cloud storage. Add files to the corresponding CRM objects and have all the latest versions of your items at your fingertips.

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Save time on attaching files without any complications

Without second-guessing, access every file, document or contract you need, attach it to the corresponding email conversation at the time you require it most.

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Eliminate the desktop mess when downloading one-time files

Forget you ever worried about your desktop files mess. With SmartCloud Connect, each time when you’re saving files from emails, you can save them directly to your cloud storage, just click “Save”.

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Set reminders on each file-based workflows

Batch your work routine with smart to-do reminders across all your file workflows. Set tasks in accordance with the due date of each of your document-driven process, while staying in your Inbox. Get nudges right when you need them and always stay on the ball.

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Leverage the functionality of SmartCloud Connect with no CRM at all

You can access your favorite cloud storage from your Outlook/ Gmail, save your documents and files from emails directly to the files storage of your choice, generate shareable links, set reminders, and seize the functionality of SmartCloud Connect with no CRM at all.

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