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The easiest way to use all of your Salesforce directly from Inbox and centralize your sales activities in an actionable way.

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Sell smarter from your Inbox, using all your Salesforce data

SmartCloud Connect gives you a new level of insights against each email that you're working with. It enables you to view and update all of the relevant real-time data from Salesforce directly in Outlook or Gmail. As well as customize which Salesforce objects, fields and in what specific order you want them to be shown in the sidebar.

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Create and manage Salesforce objects from your Outlook / Gmail sidebar

SmartCloud Connect pulls data from your Salesforce leads, contacts, opportunities, accounts, cases, and even any custom objects, right to your Outlook / Gmail sidebar. Now you can view and edit every detail you need at a single glance.






Any custom objects

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Use Salesforce email templates from your mailbox

SmartCloud Connect comes to your rescue when you need to send similar messages over and over again. At one click of a button, it lets you use your email templates from Salesforce when composing an email.

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Customize the layout of SmartCloud Connect, matching the way you work

To tailor SmartCloud Connect for your organization, you can easily customize the layout of Outlook / Gmail sidebar. With just a couple of clicks, you can choose which objects, fields, views you want to see or not. And if you like any existing configuration layout of your colleagues, you can easily import it.

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Manually save Emails to desired Salesforce Records

Besides having configurable auto Email synchronization, SmartCloud Connect offers extended functionality around manual saving. In the top of the sidebar you have an immediate indication whether or not an email is stored in Salesforce.

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Use Lightning UI to your advantage

You can create your own custom Lightning components based on existent data and a new combination of filters. If you require monitoring certain reports all the time, you can benefit from using SmartCloud Connect, as it displays vital components right in your sidebar.

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Push productivity higher creating reminders from your Inbox

SmartCloud Connect doesn’t want to change the way you work — it stops you from interrupting your workflow by constantly switching between Salesforce and Inbox. To keep you organized during your busy day, the enables you to create tasks and reminders that relate to your Salesforce objects or activities right when you receive or compose emails.

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Speed up logging calls with 1 button

While logging a call, you want to do it as easy and fast as possible and that's what SmartCloud Connect helps you with. Even while on your mobile device, you can easily log a call to Salesforce, relate it to the appropriate lead or contact, add any necessary notes or follow-up information with a blink of an eye.

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Track emails, schedule meetings, set follow-ups and more, right from your inbox

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