Whether you met the prospect on a trade show or once you had a conversation with him by phone, you want to set up next meeting or call to develop your further relationships. You decide to write a follow up email to your customer or prospect but you are not sure he’ll reply on it since you don’t have close relationships, and especially if you are going to sell him something.

So, how to write a good follow up email?

Set objectives.

First you need to decide what you want to get from this follow up email. You need to ask about something what your customer can do for you quite easily, or you want to precise some information and engage him in further conversation, or maybe you want to catch up with the connection if you didn’t communicate for a while – you need to set clear objectives and choose proper reason to contact your recipient. But don’t focus too much on your needs only – think what’s in it for your customer. Think positive, but try to imagine the negative case as well – what you can offer to your customer that he will rather accept then decline?

Build content.

You need to build a meaningful content for the letter, but don’t make it too long. If you know exactly why you contact this person you can explain your point just in few sentences. You can include graphics or links if you want to provide more information. Try to be helpful for your recipient, tell him something new  – keep him interested and you rather will have fast and friendly response.

Include personality.

Include personalization – try to find out as much information as possible about your recipient. Dig into social networks, check your CRM system  – all this information can help you to get the full customer insight and craft the really engaging content! The more you know your customer, the more chances to make an impression and convert it then into fruitful relationships.

We can recommend you to use SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce, which can provide you with all needed information about your recipient just from inside the email. You can find additional details composing the follow up email and use them building really fantastic content!

Don’t push hard.

Try not to be annoying – if you will ask why the customer haven’t responded yet or insist on a meeting too much, person rather move your email to spam or even ask you to stop following him up.

You need to show you customer that you understand how busy he is and how you appreciate his time – thus you increase your chances of getting a response on your email.

Don’t be too late.

You need to know what time is the best for sending your follow up email. The later you send an email the less chances you will get a feedback. Use next rules for sending follow ups:

  • First follow up after meeting, trade show or conference – 24h
  • Thank you email – 24h
  • If you already asked about something, kind reminder – 48h
  • Next follow up  – 1-2 weeks
  • Catch up with a connection – every 2-3 months

If you don’t have a response for some time it doesn’t mean that person ignores you. You can try to follow up him later. How many times? Smart Cloud Connect can help you to answer this question – due to “Magic pixel” embedded into outgoing email you can always know if the recipient opens your email and how many times this happened.

In any case, you definitely will make mistakes – but don’t give up too fast! There is no common rules for crafting fantastic sales follow up emails. You need to practice, make different email versions and see which one works best!

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