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Salesforce Gmail integration

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Key features

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Log Gmail data to
your Salesforce automatically

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Work with Salesforce
from Gmail

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Schedule hard-to-get
meetings faster

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Utilize all cloud
storages from Inbox

We succeed when our customers do


increased sales productivity


less sales operational costs


more accurate reporting and forecasting
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Keep your CRM in the know of essential Inbox activities

SmartCloud Connect automatically logs and associates every email, meeting, attachment, and task to the right leads, contacts and opportunities in Salesforce. Additionally, the sync engine is a server component, meaning it keeps the work flowing, even when your Gmail is closed.


Сustom matching


1-way sync


Syncing to custom objects

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Spark Salesforce productivity into your Gmail

SmartCloud Connect supercharges sales productivity by putting key information about customers right where sales reps need it — in inbox.

Manually save emails and attachments

Log Calls with 1 click

Track email openings

Create Salesforce records

Insest Email Templates

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Easily find and reach your cloud storage files from Gmail

Forget about messy file versions, desktop jumble and the endless digging through interfaces just to find the very document you need. Our quick-witted Chrome extension helps you access every file, document or contract without any complications, save any document from your incoming email back to your cloud-storage, generate shareable links to the files you need, and more.

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Track emails, schedule meetings, set follow-ups and more, right from your Gmail

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