How much of your day do you spend calling sales leads? Don’t you wish there was a quicker way so you would not have to wait through every single ring just to re-record the same voicemail every time? Well, Salesforce is calling! InvisibleDialer is the essential tool for you!

If you spend a significant portion of your day on phone calls to customers or prospects, you can save so much time with CTI – Computer Telephony Integration. CTI refers to programs that allow you to make phone calls from inside your CRM system in real time. It also includes automated information logging, creating and running scripts, assigning and distributing call lists, enhanced reporting, and more. With CTI you can simplify your daily call processes, increase user satisfaction, and boost sales and support teams’ productivity.

Until recently, the implementation of CTI required significant investments – companies had to purchase expensive hardware and software, pay for installation and support from the CTI provider, and provide extensive employee training. In some scenarios, those efforts and costs made sense for large call centers which made thousands of calls daily. But if you needed to provide a simple, useful tool for your sales, support, or customer success teams, CTI was not feasible with such high costs which left most companies needing to work without it or some tried to develop an in-house software solution.

With the new era of IP telephony and cloud solutions, you can implement CTI for your business with minimum costs in a very short time. Recent technology innovation has made it more affordable for everyone, regardless of size and complexity of call scenarios. But, as more options in the marketplace arose, how can a company choose the right software when they have very little knowledge of most CTI terminology? What main features does your company need? How do we find the most complete integrated solution?

Below are the key features that you should look for in any CTI solution you may consider for your company.

1.     Require little to no hardware

Modern CTI tools can, and should, utilize already existing channels and hardware. It should allow you to call from any device, using the speakerphone or headset you already own. It should have the ability to connected to your existing PBX (Private Branch Exchange), so you may use existing landlines and phone numbers if you choose, or use voice-over-internet and provide you with virtual numbers

2.     Integration is key! And should require minimum or no installation

In the modern era of so much to do and so little time, who has time to learn complex software? Who has time to install the same software on every computer or device and keep up with upgrades? CTI tools can work from the cloud and be enabled, not installed. Once enabled, it should not be standalone solution which requires users to open additional programs! It must be well-integrated with other solutions you already use, such as CRM.

3.     Automated dialing

CTI can automatically execute call lists instead of making calls individually. It will connect you with the respondent only when he answers the call. It allows you to continue your work while dialing the list, switching you to the call only when someone answers.

4.     Creating and distributing call lists

The ability to create call lists by different criteria is one of the most valuable features of CTI! It should allow you to choose contacts by all possible fields and then give you the option to quickly split the list between your colleagues.

5.     Available on ALL devices

Sales people are often in the field, with little to no access to a computer. Instead, they use their mobile devices as their main workspace – setting up meetings, calling customers, sending emails, and more – all on the go!

6.     Call scripts

Every call is different, you never know what type of response you will get, but call scripts can significantly help sales representatives stay on track and close more deals. Your CTI solution should provide the opportunity to create new and use existing call scripts that will help sales teams remember all the topics they need to cover.

7.     Automated information logging

How many calls do you usually make throughout the day? With CTI you can have all your calls already tracked in CRM without additional time spent recording this data. Just make a call and it will automatically be added to the related customer’s interaction log.

8.     Enhanced reporting

How can you know exactly how much time was spent on each call with a particular customer? Were all the calls productive? Or is one customer taking up all your support staff’s time?

Who from your team is the most the effective on the phone and how is this connected with this person’s overall sales? Does more time on the phone actually equal more sales? Should you encourage your employees to spend less time on each call to be able to call more people in one day or is it more lucrative for them to spend more time on each call to increase the profit from each sale?

Any CTI you may consider must have reporting that can answer all those questions and more!

If you use Salesforce and you are searching for an integrated CTI solution, you should try the new CTI solution from InvisibleSolutions – InvisibleDialer – TODAY!

InvisibleDialer works with any device that has an Internet browser, speakers, and microphone. No additional hardware is needed!

It will allow you to create predefined call lists using standard reporting and assign it to yourself or your colleagues. You can dial through selected call lists automatically and get other work done until you get a response. Voicemails, no answer, etc. – with InvisibleDialer all will be processed automatically!

While on a call, you can follow the pre-defined scripts and record all notes and information instantly. Once your call is done, InvisibleDialer will record everything in – who was reached, when, meeting notes, and outcome – giving you more time to move on to the next lead and accomplish more in one day. It provides click statistics on each call list, each sales executive, and the whole organization so you can see who has been the most productive or which prospects need more attention.

If you use other CRM system – PLEASE CONTACT US! We can provide you with the information needed on how you can get InvisibleDialer integrated with your CRM so you can enjoy these same benefits in your CRM today!

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