If you have mailbox on Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 account and often use iPhone/iPad for connecting with your customers and prospects, you can easily access your Salesforce business data directly from inside your email or calendar item with Smart Cloud Connect Lite. All you need – just web browser (Safari or Google Chrome) or OWA App.


Once you’ve added the Smart Cloud Connect Lite from Office Store you will see our mail app inside emails or calendar items. Click on it and log to your Salesforce account.


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Now you can work with Salesforce data, log emails and attachments, post messages to Chatter feed and more!

Forget about switching between your iPhone and Salesforce!


Get the Smart Cloud Connect Lite version here.


You can also get FULL features if you sign up for Enterprise version of Smart Cloud Connect. You will be able to synchronize your Salesforce contacts and accounts with Exchange as well as sync your calendar events, tasks, and share emails in native iPhone or iPad applications like Contacts, Calendar and Mail. Moreover, you’ll be able to work with all your custom objects right inside your inbox using OWA in browser of OWA for iPhone app.  

Sign Up for Smart Cloud Connect Enterprise version 1 month trial here – no credit card required.

Feel free to ask about any integration services you need – https://invisiblesolutions.com/contacts.

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