New Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce by InvisibleSolutions is coming soon!

The most ubiquitous technology in business is email. Virtually every company has email as an instant form of communication. It’s fast, it’s low cost, it’s efficient for the most part, but it’s limited and isolated from other business applications.

Most people do not use email beyond functions like sending messages, setting meetings and exchanging documents. But, we can help turn email into a powerful business platform.

InvisibleSolutions just launched a new integrated solution that provides users access to Salesforce corporate data right from their mailbox – Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce.

What is Smart Cloud Connect?

Smart Cloud Connect is an application for Outlook 2013 and Office 365 that brings the power of Salesforce to your mailbox. It is a smart portal embedded into your personal environment and available from inside your mailbox. It provides access for the user from Outlook to enterprise back-end applications like Salesforce and gets information related to an email, task or calendar event. It also allows users to complete usual business tasks without leaving their familiar mailbox environment.

Hosted on a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, Smart Cloud Connect automatically synchronizes contacts, tasks, calendar events with Salesforce – taking into account customized filters, user rights and other parameters. Due to ongoing synchronization, all user devices connected to Exchange get the enterprise data and can manage and update the information natively.

Because Smart Cloud Connect is a cloud based application, it doesn’t require any special efforts to get enabled. Any user who has Salesforce and Office 365 Accounts or Outlook 2013 (Windows or Mac) with Exchange can enable it without involvement of Salesforce and Exchange administrators.

Only a couple clicks are required to have Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce up and running.

Smart Cloud Connect for Outlook includes:

Contacts / Tasks / Calendar —share and sync all your information between Salesforce and Outlook seamlessly.

Create New Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases etc. in Salesforce and add all related information to them.

Record incoming and outgoing emails and calendar events and their attachments to any Salesforce business object.

Search all Salesforce objects to access the right information.

Create, Post and Attach to Chatter Feeds.

Supports Outlook on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web.

Why use Smart Cloud Connect for Outlook?

• Full guarantee that all business data is added to Salesforce in a timely manner.

• Improved data quality – as data entry becomes easier and adoption climbs, the quality of that data, and the ways to use it improves.

• Save time spent on everyday Salesforce related tasks.

• Significantly increase productivity by providing a combined work environment where the mailbox is consolidated by Salesforce.

• Salesforce becomes a part of the mailbox, from wherever users access emails Smart Cloud Connect (SCC) gives them an easy-way to complete business tasks.

• Smart Cloud Connect (SCC) for Salesforce is present in ALL user’s environments and devices, and thus with one-click installation they get a new trendy cross-platform technology.

Learn more about the Smart Cloud Connect on our web-site.

Try Smart Cloud Connect Lite version (only mail app, without PIM-data synchronization) here.

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