Smart Cloud Connect Introduction

New Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce by InvisibleSolutions is coming soon! The most ubiquitous technology in business is email. Virtually every company has email as an instant form of communication. It’s fast, it’s low cost, it’s efficient for the most part, but it’s limited and isolated from other business applications. Most people do not use email beyond functions like sending messages, setting meetings and exchanging documents. But, we can help turn email into a powerful business platform. InvisibleSolutions just launched a new integrated solution that provides users access to Salesforce corporate data right from their mailbox - Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce. What is Smart Cloud Connect? Smart Cloud Connect is an application for Outlook 2013 and Office 365 that brings the power of Salesforce to your mailbox. It is a smart portal embedded into your personal environment and available from inside your mailbox. It provides access for the user from Outlook to enterprise back-end applications like Salesforce and gets information related [...]