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Seal deals faster with 99% SMS open rates within your Salesforce-enabled Inbox

SmartCloud Connect & 360 SMS new partnership packs a punch, bringing the #1 SMS for Salesforce solution into your CRM, Inbox & Calendar mix

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Get to YES in your Agreements faster with and its products

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Expert Tips for CRM Integration

CRM software such as Salesforce help businesses reach new levels of optimization and effectiveness at every stage of the sales funnel. Therefore, integrating your CRM ensures that you, your partners and your customers can gather vital sales data such as contacts, accounts leads and other necessary data across CRM systems and sales tools in order to convert leads into paying customers. Let’s face it, CRM integration is a long and arduous process with a failure rate of up to 69% according to some experts. Here are some tips from the pros on how you can make sure that that your CRM integration venture is successful.

April 27th, 2018|News and Litify Announce Partnership around SmartCloud Connect to Bring Litify’s Products Suite into Outlook and Gmail and Litify unite to streamline legal workflow management in Outlook and Gmail MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, a global leader in integration and customization of complex enterprise-class software, and Litify, the best-in-class Salesforce-based law practice management SaaS platform, today announced a partnership around SmartCloud Connect to deliver the first-of-its kind customized case control solution into Outlook and Gmail.

April 27th, 2018|News Unites with SpringCM to Integrate Document Workflows Management into Calendar & Inbox for Enterprise-Class Businesses

Two companies announce a strategic partnership around SmartCloud Connect, powered by to spur and ease document lifecycle management through Outlook and Gmail MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, a global leader in integration of complex enterprise-class software with communication environments that people use every day (like calendar and email), and SpringCM, the leader in document workflow and contract management, today announced a partnership around SmartCloud Connect to fundamentally change how companies streamline document lifecycle management through Outlook and Gmail.

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AI In Sales: A Threat Or An Opportunity?

The 4th industrial era is here. Six months ago, a report published by McKinsey & Company predicted almost 800 million workers worldwide could be replaced by machines by 2030. And there’s solid evidence they may be right: in February 2017, a factory based in Donnguan, China, replaced 90% of human workers with robots and achieved a dramatic production increase of 250%. Clearly, some human jobs will soon become obsolete.   So what is the future of Sales? Is AI an asset or a threat? The good news is – most experts claim Sales people are sure to stay in high demand. Some opinion leaders, though, are not so optimistic and predict more than 22% of sales roles will be gone by 2020. What’s certain, is that the job requirements are bound to change. Here are some tips to help sales professionals survive in the AI era:   Cultivate emotional intelligence Artificial intelligence is capable of capturing and processing immense amounts of data. [...]

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5 Automation Tools that every Sales Manager should use

Time management is vital for sales reps’ success. Yet, a study conducted by InsideSales this February shows disturbing figures. As it turns out, sales reps spend only 35% of their time actually selling. The tough truth is - 65% of their time is not spent on generating revenue. Instead, it falls on administrative tasks, which, although sales related, are major time killers. Fortunately, most of that time-consuming hustle can be avoided through automation. Below are some examples of the most frequent time killers you can easily evade using sales enablement tools. Finding new contacts and leads Finding new prospects is a lengthy and a routine task. Moreover, it takes up hours of precious time, which could otherwise be spent on communicating, forging deals and negotiating sales. The good news is – the entire procedure no longer has to be done manually. In fact, you no longer have to leave your inbox to fill in all the required forms. Datanyze Prospecting Simplified tool [...]

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SpringCM is now available from your Outlook and Gmail

Make document management flow. Through your Calendar & Inbox. and SpringCM unite to deliver your favorite cloud document workflows management system into Outlook and Gmail

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March Release Overview

Leverage fresh capabilities, experiment with new features, and use advanced functionality to win and close more deals

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Bring the sharing power of Dropbox to your leads and conversations

Remove all managerial hurdles and extra force when accessing files in emails for your Salesforce team & leads

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The Future of Salesforce: Predictions for 2018 & Beyond

Smart, connected technologies are transforming how business operates. To embrace both, organizations need to keep track of usherings, rapidly renovate and drive change. Though, in the whole abundance of predictive data, it gets more and more obscure to find a qualitative source of insights which could be truly sustainable to leverage and incorporate a change. With those considerations in mind, we asked seventeen experts in the world of Salesforce to take a look ahead at what’s to come in the ecosystem in 2018. In the following page, you can find key considerations as to the predominant directions which are promising to create true business value and drive better decisions for a rapid evolvement for a change. Below, we explore each.

5 Motivation Tips For Sales Managers: An Approach That Works

Sales team is the driving force of every company. Yet, sales professionals are also the ones with the highest rate of staff turnover. Below are some practical tips on motivating your sales team and alleviating work-related stress. Before we proceed, an important question to ask is why would you need some additional motivation for your sales reps in the first place? Aren’t regular performance assessments and financial rewards enough? The awkward truth is – traditional motivation techniques are not working. According to social scientists, to make a person feel truly driven to pursue a goal, you have to trigger intrinsic motivators apart from extrinsic ones. In his TED talk “The puzzle of motivation”, career analyst Dan Pink reveals that external incentives only work with the most routine and the least creative tasks. The new approach should trigger three basic human needs: autonomy, mastery, and a sense of purpose. Now, let’s see how this translates to a practical level. Using Intrinsic Motivators to [...]