Salesforce We Cannot Imagine: 4 Unforeseeable MVPs Predictions for 2018 & Beyond

Fresh, powerful and unexpected. In our connected economy, these three words defy progress. Yet, so much on everything from the impact of AI on business operations to all the Big Data powered decisions we land on everyday, are starting to come up as inapplicable buzzwords. With all the astonishing intensity of talk about cognitive and smart technologies today in business circles, it's natural to wonder whether these capabilities are having any measurable impact. And here comes 2 questions: on who can we rely and whom can we be sure to trust? So we asked some of the most authoritative experts of the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce, on what could be not only unforeseen in relentless forward thinking but what will definitely drive sizable business success for the future that’s so close. Well, what do they say? Prediction #1 Prediction #2 Prediction #3 Prediction #4 Willing to discover the top startling insights for where the most progressive business actions are going to be [...]

AI for Salesforce: Top 5 Things It Can Have Extended

Implementing artificial intelligence in business is already said to be the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution that’s going to bring in perceivable changes into workflows. Businesses are actively using machine learning technology to improve their productivity and revenue, and looks like it won’t take long before we won’t be able to imagine our everyday lives without smart recommendations of a personal AI assistant. Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM, is among the pioneer companies to create its own comprehensive AI for CRM. They have developed a set of artificial intelligence technologies called Einstein, which is now integrated with all of Salesforce services: Sales, Marketing, Service, Commerce Cloud and allows creating custom AI powered apps with myEinstein. Machine learning makes great use of the companies unstructured data, providing valuable insights, forecasts and recommendations that work to improve individual and company productivity and focus on building trustworthy relationships with customers. Extensive and powerful as it is, Einstein is not the only AI-driven product for [...]

Dreamforce’ 17: 48 Hours of Innovation at a Glance

It’s hard to believe that Dreamforce 2017, one of the most renowned and anticipated events in the IT world organized by Salesforce, is over. Our team headed by our CEO, Vlad Voskresensky, was proud to present SmartCloud Connect at the biggest software conference across the planet (171,000 attendees and over 10 million online viewers from 91 countries). It was a great chance to learn about new trends, reconnect with friends, evaluate competitors and have fun at the Dreamfest. It was then that we started seriously regretting the impossibility of cloning, which would be the only way to attend all of the “can’t miss” events on our schedules. The four days packed with sessions, insights, hands-on trainings, presentations, talks by celebrities both in IT and the real world (Hollywood, actually, but we’ll get to that later) left so many impressions and so much to reflect on that it is only now that they’ve been put into words and are ready to be shared. [...]

Meet the Unique Calendar of Salesforce Community Events for 2018

We love Salesforce, and we strive to keep abreast of its latest developments and updates. What can be a better way to stay in the know than connecting with experts and enthusiasts, share expertise, learn new tips and tricks by participating in numerous Salesforce events? In order not to miss any of them, we have put together a one-of-its-kind calendar of Salesforce community events for 2018 - and are happy to share it with you. We’ve made sure the calendar is the most complete and up-to-date out there, containing information about each and every event or conference within Salesforce eco-system. We are going to keep it up-to-date, so you’ll have all the info at your fingertips without any extra googling.  We’ve also marked the events SmartCloud Connect is going to participate in - whether as a speaker, sponsor, or an attendee, so you can book a meeting with our representatives there in advance. Check out the Salesforce Community Events Calendar for 2018 [...]

November 16th, 2017|Sales

How to Embrace Revenue Generation with Pipeline Marketing & ABS

Account Based Marketing/Sales is taking the B2B world by storm and literally turning the pipeline upside down. More and more companies realize that traditional lead generation means flushing resources down the drain in 99% of cases (according to Forrester). Account based model offers a client-centric approach to focus all marketing and sales efforts on the remaining 1% - a narrow group of accounts that can make the biggest impact upon your company revenue. ABM drives Marketing and Sales alignment, indispensable for identifying and targeting the key stakeholders within an account. The result of marketing and sales working in sync on reaching the common goals are drastically improved customer experience and engagement. Download The Ultimate Guide on How to Implement Account Based Marketing/Sales with Salesforce to learn: key tactics used to deliver impressive results in ABM/ABS essential elements of an effective ABM/ABS strategy which tools can help manage your 1:1 Account Based Marketing/Sales at scale using Salesforce CRM scenarios of using AI driven [...]

6 Practical Cases to Radically Reimagine AI-Driven Sales, Marketing and Customer Success

The issue of Artificial Intelligence that is very hot today was raised back in 1950, when the famous Turing test was devised. In essence, a computer’s task was to imitate human responses in communication with a human to the degree that the person couldn’t tell they had been interacting with a machine. Today, AI software doesn’t need to take Turing test to prove it really is smart. The proof of its effectiveness lies in being able to understand, process, take appropriate actions based on the data provided and learn from its “experiences”. AI is quickly gaining traction in business as it has put a start to the next generation of business processes in the crucial areas - sales, marketing and customer service. Feel apprehensive remembering the sci-fi movies about AI taking over the planet? At the current stage of its development, there’s no need to worry - it’s far from being capable of doing that. What it can do though, is act [...]

November 7th, 2017|Sales

4 Key Advantages of implementing AI for Driving Sales

Artificial intelligence has long ago become more than a futuristic idea and is now being successfully utilized by giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc. SMBs that are happy with their CRM and consider implementing AI an overkill or something only enterprises can benefit from risk missing out on their “lifetime opportunity”. For example, Gartner says that, by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be performed without human representatives, who will be replaced by machines that will manage human-like interaction with clients thanks to their ability to gather customer data from multiple channels. You’re sceptical? Well, most experts agree that such a prediction is way too brave for the short-term perspective. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that using AI technologies in tandem with a CRM for sales, marketing and customer service is not a passing tendency, and will not just “have an impact” on the delivered results, but will revolutionize the whole industry. What Makes AI for Sales Sought After? Whether in B2C [...]

November 1st, 2017|IT, Sales

5 ‘Can’t Miss’ Experiences for Salesforce Admins at Dreamforce 2017

Your level of excitement is skyrocketing as the big day (days, actually) - Dreamforce 2017 is approaching? Surely, if you’re lucky to be attending the World’s biggest software conference, it is only natural. So, if you’re determined to make the most out of your time at Dreamforce 2017, and are one of the #AwesomeAdmins for whom Salesforce is more than just software, you might use a couple of tips below to have an unforgettable experience at the event.   Make use of the Trailhead Did you know there is a Trailhead module created specifically to help you have the time of your life at Dreamforce 2017? The 30 mins you’ll spend are definitely worth it, as upon completion, you’ll have a proper plan in place on which sessions to attend, how to have fun and become an integral part of the #AwesomeAdmins community. Don’t miss out on Salesforce for Admins Keynote Salesforce is expanding daily, and so is the demand for skillful [...]

SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce Announces the First Install-less client for Android, unveils

Mountain View, CA. — September 28th, 2017 — SmartCloud Connect by, a leading five-star rated AppExchange and Microsoft Office Store, enterprise-class cloud integration and automation platform, announced today its premier install-less actionable, AI-data driven, reinforced release for Salesforce in Microsoft Outlook on Android. With this update, SmartCloud Connect now provides full access to the Salesforce environment from Inbox & Calendar, empowering Sales, Service and Marketing teams to perform their daily business tasks effectively and with ease to maximize their productive time. This latest update is without a doubt the next big step in the world of mobile integration for It is the first extendable native Android integration software of its kind, meaning that does not require installing yet another app on your Android device.  SmartCloud has made it as simple as just adding it onto your existing email client. Salesforce Admins can independently enable the add-in for all their users without requiring updates or user involvement throughout the installation processes. [...]

[App Review] Smart Cloud Connect – Transforming Mailbox into a High-End Business Hub

Having to fumble with number of clicks – (1) when in a hurry; (2) when an important idea pops up; or (3), god forbid, when in the midst of an important negotiation with a premium client – is one of the major pet peeves of most Sales representatives. Is it a surprise then, that the representatives gravitate towards features, or Apps, that enable them to take quick actions with as few clicks as possible? Email is one of the great point in case; for, it is almost a second home of majority of Sales representatives. Therefore, Email feature enhancements hardly ever escape sharp eyes of seasoned representatives. So, when I stumbled upon SmartCloud AppExchange Application vendor at Southeast Dreamin’ this year (2017), I foresaw SmartCloud Connect’s Email features and functionalities, as a game changer for Sales Representatives! And, that inspired me to write this blog post so I can share my insights and experience with the App. In the past, whenever I have reviewed an App, I have [...]

August 29th, 2017|Sales

How to Close Deals Faster: the Simple Solution for Salesforce You Might Have Overlooked

If you ask any sales rep what is the secret to closing deals faster, they will provide a ton of recommendations, from creating a sense of urgency and stating the price upfront to introducing the management to the prospect. Nevertheless, well-informed and skilled as they are, sales people often keep demonstrating just average productivity - in other words, the increase in the number of deals closed during a certain time period simply doesn’t happen. Before starting to blame lazy employees, ineffective techniques or bad carma, stop and think over the shocking findings from Docurated's State of Sales Productivity 2015 study - sales reps spend only ⅓ of their time actually selling. The rest of their work time they’re busy with admin/reporting/CRM, finding/creating the needed content etc. So, it turns out, most sales reps just don’t have time to apply their expertise. What Slows Them Down? The point is, even an advanced and robust CRM like Salesforce in most cases is not the [...]

April 19th, 2017|Sales

The Importance of Synergy Between Inbox and Sales

Are your email habits slowing down your sales? Are you missing on leads? Forgetting to follow up on prospects? Are your marketing and sales departments working on different programs and not communicating properly? Then you are missing out on sales and creating a lot of ‘busy work’ that is costing you money. It has shown that the average salesperson spends about 30 hours a week answering emails. On the other hand, we also know that sales are closed over the phone or in person. Sounds like not good use of their time, doesn’t it? What is contributing to the fact that the sales team is so busy with their emails? As a sales person, you should be on the go, but the nature of the job makes it challenging to keep on top of every customer interaction. So your sales team is slower than you want it to be when it comes to following up on proposals or scheduling face to face [...]