Five typical mistakes of sales managers

In spite of the fact that lots of similar help-lists are so scholastic this one is based on my own theoretical and practical experience which is really important concerning sales process as art of talking to people. Read lots of sales books and blogs? Still noone can't guarantee high KPIs in reports from CRM. Only thousands of hours spent in communication with potential buyers melded with good self-educational skills can make it. Enough for intro, let's go to content which is the KING as you might know. 1. 'Smile-less' voice: you don't want to sell - I don't want to buy Obviously you wont buy anything if sales speech is like he has ran couple of kilometers before calling you: current attempt to sell product seems to be followed by thousands of unsuccessful ones. On the contrary it's great if sales manager believes and uses (the most important) stuff he sells. How to deal with it: Be confident about product and smile while you're talking, it [...]

Salesforce Chatter integration for Exchange/Office365 with Smart Cloud Connect Lite

Chatter is a very popular enterprise social network, which is tightly integrated with Salesforce. With Chatter employees can share files, form groups, share questions and answers, do polls and more. If you work in Sales, Service or Customer Success team, you likely deal with tons of emails every day, spending more than 30% of your business day reading and writing emails or setting up meetings. If you use Salesforce Chatter for communicating with your colleagues, share customer information and files from email messages with them, we can make your life easier adding some valuable Chatter features right inside your email or meeting! If you use Outlook or Office 365 client, with Smart Cloud Connect Lite you can: 1) Post messages into Chatter feeds just from inside the email or meeting.   Smart Cloud Connect Lite gives you an easy-way to post messages to your Chatter feeds and cooperate with your colleagues. Access to Chatter is available from every single Salesforce object in [...]

December 8th, 2015|Sales

Five steps to avoid data loss when using email client and CRM

One of the main reason why people are frustrated in using CRM is that it requires continued support of customer data relevance. You have always take care about all the data coming into CRM system and update them regularly. Otherwise you will face with data inconsistency, when different systems have different customer data and you don’t know which are the most actual. Here’s what we recommend to prevent such situation when you are using email client and CRM system: 1. Add synchronization.   Start to sync contacts between your contact application and CRM. You will be always sure that all information in both places is up to date and you don’t need to take care about it because synchronization happens automatically. Sync your calendars. You’ll never forget to add your meeting with customers or important appointment to CRM. You’ll never miss an event which was sent to you in CRM. Without synchronization you will have different “version of truth” in both systems. You [...]

December 3rd, 2015|Sales

Why sales people chose Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce?

We’ve asked our customers why they chose Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce, and then aggregated their answers to share them with you: 1.       “It’s reliable”. Smart Cloud Connect fully guarantee that all business data is added to Salesforce in a timely manner. “I don’t need to switch between my Office 365 client and Salesforce, I can just create contact, add event or task and I can be sure they will be added to Salesforce in couple of minutes! ” 2.       “I can use it from anywhere!”. Smart Cloud Connect is available for you on any Microsoft Exchange or Exchange Online connected device after you signing up for service. “I can start work with my emails in the office in Outlook, and then go onsite and continue to close my sales tasks on iPad or Android. All I need is web-browser, OWA application or just default email client and internet connection, of course. I can access all Salesforce data while travelling as if I am working [...]

Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce on Mac

If you are a Mac user and you spend a lot of time reading and writing emails, answering calls and struggling to close your deals; if you work with Salesforce and have email account on Microsoft Office365 or use Outlook 2016 for Mac as email client; if you want to optimize your time, rise your productivity and get more from your business - Smart Cloud Connect can provide you new great opportunities! We offer you Smart Cloud Connect Lite version as a basic offering, and Smart Cloud Connect Enterprise if you want to add bi-directional synchronization of contacts, calendar events and tasks between your Exchange and Salesforce. Smart Cloud Connect Lite provides you a “window” from an email client (Outlook 2016 for Mac or Office 365) to Salesforce. It takes context-dependent content inside the email or calendar event and applies it to the enterprise application, retrieving and sharing important information from inside the item. So you can remain in your comfortable, native email [...]

Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce on iPhone/iPad

If you have mailbox on Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 account and often use iPhone/iPad for connecting with your customers and prospects, you can easily access your Salesforce business data directly from inside your email or calendar item with Smart Cloud Connect Lite. All you need - just web browser (Safari or Google Chrome) or OWA App.   Once you’ve added the Smart Cloud Connect Lite from Office Store you will see our mail app inside emails or calendar items. Click on it and log to your Salesforce account.     Now you can work with Salesforce data, log emails and attachments, post messages to Chatter feed and more! Forget about switching between your iPhone and Salesforce!   Get the Smart Cloud Connect Lite version here.   You can also get FULL features if you sign up for Enterprise version of Smart Cloud Connect. You will be able to synchronize your Salesforce contacts and accounts with Exchange as well as sync your calendar events, tasks, and share emails in native iPhone or iPad applications [...]

Learn how to work faster and smarter in Salesforce

Did you know that with Smart Cloud Connect, working in Salesforce is easier than ever?  Smart Cloud Connect from Invisible Solutions turns your email inbox into a portal to Salesforce.  Now you don't have to leave email to add contacts and leads, record emails against Salesforce objects, search for records, integrate Chatter feeds, and so much more.  There's no need to open salesforce, no need to leave mail and no need to waste time anymore. Join us for a a brief webinar and we'll show just how easy it is to download and start using Smart Cloud Connect now.  We'll walk you through the download process and show you how easy it is to accomplish key tasks like: Searching for records in Salesforce using our Power Search function Adding contacts and leads Recording emails against Salesforce objects Collaborating with colleagues using Chatter Join us next Thursday, 11/19 @ 1PM EST / 11AM PST and we'll how you how to work smarter in Salesforce ADD THIS EVENT TO MY [...]

October 19th, 2015|Sales

How integration helps to increase the productivity of your sales team

For many businesses, the “anytime, anywhere” workplace has arrived. In the coming years, this reality will continue to expand. There is growing demand for constant accessibility, leading to increased use of personal mobile devices – smartphones, laptops and tablets – in the workplace. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming more popular globally and brings a significant change in the way devices are used in the business environment.   The main reason for this trend is productivity. Before, companies would suffer from employees’ lack of online availability or mobility. Workers had to choose between being relegated to the office working in desktop applications or going mobile and becoming “invisible” in terms of online presence. For many businesses – especially sales-heavy enterprises – it was a critical problem. Even when employees could use their personal devices, but they were mostly limited to email and didn’t have access to corporate data.   At its best, BYOD enables employees to use their personal devices out [...]

Smart Cloud Connect Introduction

New Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce by InvisibleSolutions is coming soon! The most ubiquitous technology in business is email. Virtually every company has email as an instant form of communication. It’s fast, it’s low cost, it’s efficient for the most part, but it’s limited and isolated from other business applications. Most people do not use email beyond functions like sending messages, setting meetings and exchanging documents. But, we can help turn email into a powerful business platform. InvisibleSolutions just launched a new integrated solution that provides users access to Salesforce corporate data right from their mailbox - Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce. What is Smart Cloud Connect? Smart Cloud Connect is an application for Outlook 2013 and Office 365 that brings the power of Salesforce to your mailbox. It is a smart portal embedded into your personal environment and available from inside your mailbox. It provides access for the user from Outlook to enterprise back-end applications like Salesforce and gets information related [...]