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How Morgan & Morgan resolves Customer Cases 20% faster with SmartCloud Connect

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Jase DuRard

Revenue Officer at

accureg Customer Success

The integration of SmartCloud Connect changed the way our sales staff worked and processed information for the better. We have much greater visibility of what’s going on and what needs to be done, as well as insight into what we can improve. There has definitely been a spike in productivity and accuracy.

About Accureg

AccuReg was founded in 2005 to resolve real-world registration errors at a local hospital in Mobile, Alabama. The company continues to build upon the foundation of quality assurance, and today supports numerous hospitals and clinics across the country by providing a front-end revenue cycle solution suite and a pre-registration outsourcing service. AccuReg’s mission focuses on empowering Patient Access teams to capture revenue and secure customer payment requirements using innovative technology as well as training, performance analytics and best-in-class support services.

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The Challenge

Like so many fast growing companies, AccuReg faced the challenge of maintaining productivity, accuracy, and visibly across its sales department. They initially had a wide variety of issues including accessing prospects, tracking leads, and monitoring client relationships. Despite the use of Salesforce they still struggled to track customer behavior, execute follow-ups and connect across multiple platforms.

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AccuReg contacted to aid them to resolve visibility and synchronization challenges that prevented the company from reaching its full potential. With SmartCloud Connect integration, provided by, the sales team was able to automatically update, drastically improve communication, and monitor relevant contact history in Salesforce directly from Outlook.

The sales reps were no longer required to input the data twice, as they could keep their inbox and Salesforce data synchronized. They gained the instrumental ability to create contacts, add files, create new tasks or log calls into Salesforce without leaving their email. Furthermore, Magic Pixel implementation (a code embedded into user’s email the recipient does not see) allowed team members to keep track of customer engagement.

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After installing SmartCloud Connect, AccuReg’s sales department profited from greater organization, increased visibility, and better insight into the existing or prospective customer behavior.
The ability to log all emails, calls and pending tasks from email directly to Salesforce saved sales reps a lot of time, increased the accuracy of information, and by default, improved follow-up practices. Magic Pixel integration opened the door to a deeper understanding of customer behavior and monitoring their emails down to the finest detail. It also enabled the department to improve their sales marketing strategy and client approach.


Automatic synchronization and ease of data input increased employee engagement with Salesforce and eliminated the possibility of errors and gaps in customer profile information, allowing AccuReg to ful fill their mission of providing the best support services in their niche.

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Aditya Bhagavatula

ERP Manager at

belden-1 Customer Success

SmartCloud Connect services have been a great success in our sales department. Now, thanks to the easy sync process, every sales representative on our team actively uses Salesforce and we noticed a positive rise in productivity and decrease in errors.

About Belden Brick Company

The roots of Belden Brick Company can be traced back all the way to 1885 in Ohio. In its many years of operation, the company continually grew and expanded. Currently, The Belden Brick Company is the sixth largest brick manufacturer in the United States, and the number one largest manufacturer that’s still family owned. Belden Brick operates six plants in Tuscarawas County and employs approximately 500 people.

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The Challenge

Belden Brick Company’s success depends not only on the quality of products, but also the efficiency of its sales representatives. While the company was armed with a sizeable sales team, composed of approximately hundred members, the reps struggled to adapt and connect with Salesforce actively. The hassle of having to manually enter information into the CRM system caused significant delays in the sales cycle due to time-sensitivity.
The main issues included inaccurate customer data, low overall visibility, and human error, all of which made it nearly impossible to get up-to-date information when out of the office.

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Belden Brick approached to help solve the synchronization and sales cycle management challenges they were facing. The integration of the SmartCloud Connect tool, offered by, into the sales team’s workflow enabled automatic synchronization of email, tasks, and calendar with Salesforce across all devices without the need for additional plugins and tools.

SmartCloud Connect provided a bi-directional synchronization of Outlook and Salesforce contacts. It also scheduled calendar events and activities including meetings, appointments, phone calls and task updates. Sales representatives were able to customize which types of calendar events, or emails got synced with Salesforce, and the seamless integration of Chatter encouraged internal communication and collaboration. The sales team gained a holistic view of all meetings and tasks at hand not matter from where they logged in.

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From a single SmartCloud Connect installation, Belden Brick Company sales team experienced greater organization as well as a faster and more productive sales process.
The newly acquired ability to access necessary information directly from their mailbox and calendar enabled the reps to act, react and follow up faster and more appropriately, which directly benefited their quality of business relationships. In terms of time savings and productivity, accessing all client information within the context of previous conversations and notes eliminated valuable time wasted on endless data searches. Additionally, creating new CRM records instantaneously and automatically from email allowed the sales team to devote their time to more important tasks.


Bi-directional synchronization and ease of access prevented possibly harmful data loss and significantly increased active use of Salesforce, making the sales team more efficient and productive while maintaining a great visibility across the whole department.

Rob-Howard Customer Success

Rob Howard

Director, Office 365 Ecosystem at

microsoft-logo Customer Success

SmartCloud Connect is improving our joint customers’ efficiency by integrating directly with Office 365 and Outlook.

john-chaney Customer Success

John Cheney

CEO at

workbook Customer Success

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and Workbooks Exchange Synch Service allows us to continue building on our stellar reputation and take things to the next level by offering customers the seamless integration they need, now with the simplicity that comes with implementing a cloud solution.

ted-kemph Customer Success

Ted Kempf

Vice President of Product Marketing at

deltek Customer Success

To win business in these dynamic times, leading professional services firms are embracing technology to streamline and improve their sales and marketing processes. With Vision Connect for Microsoft Outlook, we are providing an innovative solution that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of business development processes and helps increase user adoption of critical CRM systems.

christopher-yats Customer Success

Christopher Yates

Senior business development director at

decarta Customer Success

It was important that the CRM we chose was tightly integrated with MS Outlook, a workplace our sales reps spend a great deal of time using to organize their productivity efforts. By driving more Salesforce usage, SalesDesktop helped our sales people dramatically increase their efficiency, and also improve data quality and visibility in the Salesforce CRM. Because of InvisibleCRM and the improved performance of our employees, other Salesforce users are able to see how properly-implemented technology can improve their operations and make them a more successful company.

We are the Leaders of the G2Crowd Grid for Salesforce AppExchange tools!

SmartCloud Connect is placed among the Top 10 Salesforce AppExchange tools occupying the 5th and the 6th places in the G2Crowd Grid. The awarding is based on usability ratings by our loyal customers.

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