Choosing What to Synchronize in Salesforce via SmartCloud Connect

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SmartCloud Connect can synchronize records of the following types:

  • Calendar events
  • Tasks
  • Contacts (including the ability to filter available contacts via a Salesforce view)

Using the Dashboard, you can choose which record types to synchronize between Salesforce and Exchange.

To choose which records to synchronize, do the following:

  1. In the Dashboard, go to the Sync settings > Filters page. For each record type, you will see a block.
  2. Disable or enable the sync for a specific object type using the switch buttons


Synchronizing Tasks and Calendar Events

SmartCloud Connect only synchronizes those tasks and calendar items which you are an Assignee or Participant of. In addition, to prevent SmartCloud Connect from synchronizing outdated and irrelevant tasks and events, it applies sliding time window dynamic filtering so only the activities that are presently happening or are coming soon are synchronized. SmartCloud Connect uses the following criteria for tasks and calendar events:

  • Tasks: SmartCloud Connect synchronizes either incomplete tasks or tasks which are Due or were Modified since the last 2 weeks. Older tasks are omitted.
  • Calendar Items: SmartCloud Connect only synchronizes meetings and appointments which occured no earlier than 2 weeks in the past from the present date. Older meetings are omitted from syncing. For future calendar items syncing, there is no date limit, all calendar items scheduled to occur in the future are synchronized with Salesforce.


Choosing Which Contacts to Synchronize


Also refer to this article for more information on managing contacts via SCC.

For contacts, you can further refine your synchronization criteria:

  1. In the Contacts block, click Customize.

  1. Choose one of the following options:

* All contacts – synchronize all available contacts * Only my contacts – synchronize your contacts only, that is the contacts where you are a contact owner * Custom view (and then select the desired Salesforce contact view) – synchronize contacts available in the selected Salesforce view only

  1. Click Save to save your selection


Disabling Server-Side Deletion of Tasks and Contacts

If you do not want to have your tasks or contacts deleted in Salesforce after you delete them in Exchange or Outlook, do the following:

  1. In the Dashboard, under Sync settings, click Detailed Settings
  2. For the record type you need, enable the the switch button to disable its deletion in Salesforce.

Once the deletion is disabled, any attempt to delete a task or contact from Exchange will result in these records being restored.