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How to Properly Add A Custom Object to SmartCloud Connect Handling Scope

SmartCloud Connect can handle some custom objects from Salesforce custom objects set in “out-of-the-box” configuration, by retrieving corresponding object layouts data from Salesforce; however, other custom objects may require extra setup actions on user/local Salesforce Admin side to be properly handled by SmartCloud Connect.

I. We will explain the typical setup actions taking the Campaigns object as an example. Campaigns is among custom object types which are present in Salesforce set of objects, and in their case enabling the Campaign object card on SCC Customization page alone is not enough to add them to SCC handling scope. The reason for this is that such objects may have one or more auxiliary related cards, for example a Campaign has associated Campaign Member Status, Campaign Member, and Campaign Field History cards. They contain additional object data, and their absence in SCC processing scope results in primary objects, Campaigns in this case, not being retrieved by SCC initial search (that is, shown in Related records lists) or by user-initiated search.

This way, when adding a custom object to the processing scope via SCC Customization page, make sure to search for its auxiliary cards, by entering the object’s name in the Quick Find… field of Customization page‘s left pane “Objects in Salesforce”, and then enabling all relevant cards.


Next, click Save in the upper right corner of Customization page to apply the changes and refresh the Add-In. This should include the object into SmartCloud Connect handling scope as well as user-initiated search.


II. If after these setup actions your custom objects are still not displayed in SCC Related records list, the next step is to ensure that your Account object’s layout in Salesforce is configured to display related records. Perform the below steps to do that (a unique Deals object not available among custom Salesforce objects is used as an example here):

1. Log in to your Salesforce account 2. In Salesforce, open Setup > Object Manager > Account > Lightning Record page > AscendixRE Account (marked as Org Default) > Edit

3. To add the custom Deals object to Related list:

   3.1. In the right hand pane of Account object’s layout page, click the Add Tab button under Related

   3.2. In the page’s central pane, open the added Related tab

   3.3. In the search box of the left hand pane, enter ‘related’

   3.4. Drag and drop the Related Lists item found to the Related tab in the central pane

4. Click Save in the top right corner of the layout page to apply the layout changes


III. Finally, to get all objects of the added custom type displayed in Related records lists, do the following:

1. Create a custom Salesforce List View for your custom object that will include all instances of this object

2. Set this view in Contextual search filter for this object in Customization settings