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Introduction: How to Use the Add-In

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SmartCloud Connect (SCC) brings all power of Salesforce seamlessly into your mailbox, making it easy for you to share data between your email client running on any platform and your CRM on several clicks – fully automatically or selectively – without endless switching back and forth and copy-pasting data.


SmartCloud Connect is not a standalone application, it is an Add-In installed on your MS Outlook/Office 365. Also available as a Chrome Extension for Gmail.

After you have installed SmartCloud Connect, three SCC icons are added to your MS Outlook Desktop ribbon. These icons are: Open SmartCloud Connect, Quick Send Availability, Quick Send Availability; in they are implemented as items in a menu that expands on clicking the SCC logo next to an email.

>>> Expand to see how to open SCC Sidebar <<<

Outlook (Desktop) ribbon / See this article.


To start working with SCC Add-In, open SmartCloud Connect Sidebar by clicking on the corresponding button in MS Outlook Desktop or Web Interface.


1. SmartCloud Connect Sidebar's header, it contains email/event Salesforce sharing status information and the Save button for manual/direct saving of Emails or Events (Calendar items) in Salesforce. For items already shared in Salesforce the Save button is replaced by the View it button. Clicking on this button opens the corresponding Salesforce object's detailed card in SmartCloud Connect Sidebar.

2. Select to link an email/event to all records in this category on saving. Right below: a single Opportunity record marked to be linked

3. Hover the cursor to view the menu of actions available for the record

4. Opportunity progress bar indicator

5. Click to expand the records category (tab, separator)

6. The green checkmark indicates that a record or category is already linked to the email/event. Clicking on it will open the latest associated activity

7. Indicates that one or several records in this category (but not all) are marked

8. The Search icon. More information here

9. SmartCloud Connect Menu icon. Quick access to:

10. The Create icon. More information here.

11. Click to open the record directly in Salesforce

12. Click to expand a record’s details

13. Click to open the associated Account’s (company’s) card

14. [the Smart Actions tab was transformed into the Smart Actions bar at the bottom of the Sidebar]:

15. The Observations list also belongs to the Smart Actions bar. It contains information about contextual smart actions and setup checks carried out by the Add-In/Chrome Extension, e.g. email addresses filtered as internal/blacklisted, objects merging suggestions, or a suggestion to authorize MS Exchange/Office 365 access for SmartCloud Connect synchronization.


Note that SCC Sidebar is rendered identically in all its implementations: the “cloud” implementation in MS Outlook Desktop, and Office 365 as well as in the “desktop” implementation. However, its Gmail implementation is slightly different.


Key SmartCloud Connect features:

  • Get Contextual Salesforce Data. SmartCloud Connect instantly brings relevant and actualized Salesforce data for any selected email, calendar item, contact, or task. This data is displayed right in your MS Outlook or Gmail next to selected item; it includes associated Salesforce contacts/leads, accounts, opportunities, your custom objects, related events, and much more.

  • Synchronize Contacts, Events, and Tasks. Automatically synchronize your contacts, events and tasks between Salesforce and your email client. Synchronization requires no Add-In/Extension installation and works on any platform and for any email client that supports Microsoft Exchange or Gmail server; refer to this article for a complete list of supported email clients.

  • Share Emails in Salesforce. Save your emails to Salesforce by assigning them to the “Salesforce” category, moving to the “Salesforce Emails” Outlook/Office 365 folder, or associating them with the related record via the Outlook Add-In/Chrome Extension. Your emails will appear in Salesforce as completed Tasks or Email Message objects; files attached to your correspondence can also be shared in Salesforce.  
  • Create or Update Salesforce Records Right From Your Inbox. Create or update a Salesforce record of any type, including your custom ones, without leaving your email application. For your convenience, SmartCloud Connect analyzes the contents of emails and pre-fills relevant fields on new records creation.  
  • Find Salesforce Records Quickly. Search through all relevant (defined by active Salesforce list views and SCC Customization settings) records in your Org or only records of a certain type - find the needed ones right from your email box and link them to the emails/meetings you share.  
  • Keep an Eye on Customer Engagement. With SCC’s Engagement panel email tracking feature, you can check when, where, and for how many times your email was opened.  
  • Access Chatter Directly From Your Email or Event. Communicate with your colleagues without leaving your inbox by making Chatter posts, sharing emails and attachments, and saving other information to any Chatter feed.  
  • Use It on Your Smartphone. With two-way server-side synchronization between Salesforce and Exchange/Gmail, your mobile device is always up to date with contacts, meetings, and tasks. Modify any contact and see it updated in Salesforce, or share an important business email from your mobile device in a few taps.  
  • Tune It the Way You Want. SmartCloud Connect is easily customized to fit your needs - choose which Salesforce objects and object fields you want to view and edit via the Sidebar, or which criteria should be applied on relevant records retrieval from Salesforce. Both standard and custom Salesforce objects are supported. You can also pick a customization from your colleague to get SCC up and running in no time, or you can share your own convenient customization with other users in your organization.