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SmartCloud Connect Latest Release Notes and Knowledge Base Updates

1902 release notes (notable improvements and changes)


Major user interface and user experience improvements

  1. SmartCloud Connect learning curve improvement for beginner users: added a Welcome Wizard to introduce new users to SmartCloud Connect user interface and functioning, to be displayed on the first SCC start.

  2. Email templates convenience of use improvement: now 5 recently used templates are stored for quick access from the templates picklist in the Reply with a template dialog.

  3. User interface optimization: removed the expandable picklist of linkable records from the Sidebar’s header as redundant (duplicating the general records marking mechanism).

  4. Direct saving of emails from the Add-In (using the Save button) is now more intuitive: emails with no CRM associations found, emails from/to in-org (internal) email addresses, or if case no objects for linking were selected in the Sidebar - now the Save button is clickable in all these cases and the necessary associations can be defined in the Save Email as an Activity to Salesforce dialog. Accordingly, user-initiated search can be performed from this dialog’s Name and Related To fields to retrieve the needed records.

  5. Updated the look of the Send meeting time slots email template, now the slots selection buttons included into it are more focused.

  6. To increase their accessibility, the Smart Action icons were moved from the Smart Actions tab to the bottom of the Add-In/Chrome Extension Sidebar and rearranged. Now they are always shown on different SmartCloud Connect screens. Their labels were changed to shorter ones and additionally now there is a dedicated dialog window opened for every smart action.

  7. SmartCloud Connect Meeting Scheduler use convenience improvement: now 5 latest selected locations are stored for quick access as “recently used rooms” in the Location field.

  8. Another SmartCloud Connect Meeting Scheduler use convenience improvement: now Send meeting time slots meeting details entry step precedes the slots selection step. In addition, now you can assign the meeting’s Organizer(s) on the meeting details entry step.

  9. Autosharing scope consistency improved: re-applying sync settings no longer causes past events falling out of the sliding time window to be excluded from synchronization.

  10. Now, the two email address/domain “not for Salesforce sharing” blacklists are complementary - both are applied for every user: the all-corporate one defined by the local admin and an individual user-defined one.

  11. The Contextual search view setting can no longer be used for person-related objects (e.g. Contacts, Leads, Users, Accounts) to prevent records omission from user-initiated search results.

  12. SmartCloud Connect first logon improvement: now custom Salesforce objects are automatically discovered and added to the records display in the Sidebar, including related records list and relevant record actions. Now new users see their custom objects’ support on the first start of the product.


Admin panel and advanced configuration settings improvements

  1. Added a special setting that enables auto-sharing of only outbound (sent) emails in Salesforce; presently, it can only be enabled by request sent to Invisible Support team.
  2. Implemented the optional Smart description feature which allows retrieving any Salesforce objects custom fields’ contents to be appended to an Event’s Description, or other fields.
  3. Sync configuration flexibility improved through new optional settings (beta implementation): introduced one-way synchronization possibilities (Salesforce → MS Exchange and MS Exchange → Salesforce), as a special feature available for Enterprise customers upon request.
  4. Added another sync configuration flexibility option: now custom Salesforce objects as well as the standard ones (e.g. Tasks) can be one-way synced from Salesforce to Outlook as calendar items, as a special feature available for Enterprise customers upon request.
  5. SmartCloud Connect ROI Study and Health status monitoring features were added to the Admin panel. Now the Enterprise customers can use the new SmartCloud Connect Admin panel’s tabs: ROI (Return on Investment) and Health Status. The tools they include provide useful insights on SmartCloud Connect’s overall effectiveness based on actual Add-In/Chrome Extension use data and other factors specific for your company, as well as practical hints on improving its effectiveness further - by enabling of all its functions for every end user.
  6. Now the possibility to import/export synchronization settings from/to file has been implemented; it can be enabled or disabled by request for a specific Enterprise implementation.
  7. Implemented another custom component for Salesforce group (public) events handling, now public events can be included into SmartCloud Connect synchronization scope.
  8. Now it is possible to configure custom templates for Meeting Scheduler messages (Time slots and Book me).


Performance improvements

  1. Synchronization performance optimization on the server-side.

  2. A backend improvement of Salesforce Task objects handling by sync.


SmartCloud Connect Chrome Extension was restarted and revamped (beta implementation)

The Chrome Extension providing almost full functionality of the SmartCloud Connect Outlook Add-In is up and running, presently for beta testing:


Knowledge Base Updates (ordered by recency of publishing)

  1. Published an article explaining how to install the Add-In on mobile devices, in MS Outlook for iOS or Android
  2. Added an extended description of default fields mapping for standard objects
  3. Added a page with basic FAQs to the Knowledge Base
  4. Described how to install the Invisible Suite managed package in Salesforce and how to use its Attendees management component
  5. Historical sync and problematic timezones
  6. MS Exchange alias email addresses handling
  7. Configuring custom templates for Meeting Scheduler messages
  8. Updated the article on setting up the SCC Chrome extension and the article on using the extension
  9. Added detailed information on Related records list and the Global search filter
  10. Updated the article on objects deduplication
  11. How to use the Smart description feature
  12. Context-specific Smart actions described
  13. Created an article explaining how to clear Internet Explorer 11 cache and cookies to refresh SmartCloud Connect MS Outlook Add-In data and settings
  14. Created an article explaining MS Exchange alias addresses handling by SmartCloud Connect
  15. Created a dedicated article on SmartCloud Connect Desktop (.MSI) installation
  16. Updated the article covering the possible issues with Salesforce API calls processing
  17. Added numerous notes and clarifications reflecting the above listed improvements and other changes in the product; updated the FAQ page