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SmartCloud Connect Latest Release Notes and Knowledge Base Updates

1908 release notes (notable improvements and changes)

General Improvements and New Features

1. An Onboarding wizard was implemented for new SmartCloud Connect users. It shows up on SCC start and demonstrates the users basic SCC functions plus directs them to relevant tutorial articles of this knowledge base: 1, 2, 3, 4.

2. Implemented dynamic insta-syncing of calendar items from MS Exchange/Office 365, which is triggered when a calendar item is created, updated, or deleted. More information here.

3. Added another Book Me (Share calendar availability) use convenience improvement: implemented an extra booking parameter “Minimal span between booking & actual start” (30 minutes or 2-48 hours). This field ensures that the meeting organizer will have enough time to react and get prepared for the meeting after a slot has been selected by booking link recipient.

3. Updated notifications which are sent out to the end users on Exchange /O365 or Gmail authentication token expiration. Now refreshing mail access credentials for SCC sync is more user friendly. Additionally, now notifications which are sent out to the end users on Exch/O365 or Gmail authentication token expiration and several other specific cases can be customized by local Admins (Enterprise customers) and Invisible CSM.

4. Now presence and placement order of SCC smart actions in the Sidebar‘s bottom toolbar can be managed in Customization settings. More information here.

5. A new Activity Timeline Filter radio-button was added, to enable the users to view only overdue activities.

6. Implemented the possibility to synchronize calendar items marked as Private from MS Exchange/Outlook to Salesforce, parsed as reserved time slots, with no details revealed. More information in this article.

7. Sync process optimization: decreased the number of sync retry attempts for objects which cause sync issues. This reduces the number of Salesforce API calls generated by SCC sync.

8. Implemented support for Gmail address aliases (only for SCC user’s colleagues) in order to process event syncing scenarios properly.

9. Now the SalesforceEmailLinkContentToBusinessObject global setting is enabled for all SCC implementation by default. That means email attachments shared in Salesforce as Content Files will be linked to related business records besides the Task/Email Message object in Salesforce. More information here.

10. Admin panel improvement: Activity tab was added to the Admin panel; it keeps logs of activities performed in the Admin panel by all admin users accessing it. It is useful for monitoring the results of settings updates and rolling back the changes.


Notable fixes

1. Fixed a specific issue which caused SCC sync disabling due to Event or Contact duplication error for some users.

2. Fixed an issue where files attached to meetings would not be shared in Salesforce when saved via the Add-In.

3. Fixed an issue that prevented customization pushing with an exception notification “The relationship could not be changed because one or more of the foreign-key properties is non-nullable”

4. Add-In performance increase: fixed an issue where the Add-In would slow down where the tracking code was inserted into an email but the email was not sent.

5. Engagement panel user friendliness improvement: tooltips were implemented.

6. Fixed an issue with processing of file attachments shared from MS Outlook for iOS.

The update also includes a number of other bugfixes, back end and front end optimizations, minor UX/UI tweaks, etc.