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SmartCloud Connect 2002 Release notes (notable improvements and fixes)


User interface improvements

1. To improve new users’ adaptation, a “hotspot” button was added to SmartCloud Connect’s header; clicking on it summons a tutorial how to use the Sidebar


2. To optimize the Sidebar’s interface, we removed the checkboxes appearing next to records on mouse hover on. Instead, linked Salesforce records selection is now automatic, and can be managed by the users via the Save dialog; the automatic selection of relevant records is set up in SCC Customization settings.

3. Increased SCC Sidebar header’s usability by making the key controls more focused


Note that the Email isn’t saved or Event isn’t saved status notification was removed; if the Save email/Save event button is displayed that implies that the item was not saved.

The New records suggestions tab‘s layout was also updated for extra usability


4. Added a number of new informative hover-on tooltips throughout SmartCloud Connect Sidebar interface.



General Improvements and New Features

SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce and Gmail Chrome Extension improvements

1. The convenient meeting scheduling features Book Me and Time Slots are now also available in SCC Chrome Extension. These features work in the same manner as in SCC Outlook Add-In.

2. The Engagement tracking feature (email openings by the recipients) is now also available in SCC Chrome Extension. The Engagement panel looks and functions in the same ways as in SCC Outlook Add-In, but presently insertion of the engagement tracking code can only be performed automatically for all emails composed in Gmail while the Extension’s Sidebar is opened.

3. Now SCC Chrome Extension end users can be provisioned by the local Admin via a single Gmail service impersonating account. More information here.

4. Now SCC Chrome Extension end users can go through SCC Registration Wizard to get provisioned without a necessity to use a Salesforce service account.


To use the Registration Wizard, make sure that any adblocking extensions/plugins in your web browser are disabled for the Registration Wizard’s web page and refresh the page; some scripts used by the wizard are incompatible with adblockers so if you do not disable them you will see a blank page.

5. Implemented a possibility to define whether files attached to emails as google drive links should be saveable in Salesforce via SmartCloud Connect. See the GoogleDisableDriveAttachments setting in this article for more information.



SCC for Salesforce MS Outlook Add-In improvements

1. The list of secure SCC-related sever IPs which should be unblocked in your firewall to ensure its functioning after March 2, 2020 was updated

Why are the IPs changed?

  • SCC server-side performance boosting (with up-to-date server equipment)
  • Possible server-side disaster recovery scenarios improvement, by reducing users impact and functions recovery time (using the extra backup servers)
  • Some of the reserved addresses are in resting state, they will be used in case of main servers downing, ensuring minimum users impact; they will be left unchanged in case of the future server-side migrations

See the full updated list here.


2. Improved the flow of SCC Sync activation and re-activation on password change or access token expiration for Office 365 mail accounts; now right after SCC Add-In logon the end users are suggested to activate SCC Sync with a corresponding dialog, just like that works for MS Exchange mail accounts


3. Now the Book Me and Time Slots dialogs include the Save to Lead or Contact field to link relevant People records to the matching event created in Salesforce, besides the Save to Salesforce records field used to link it to Business records.

4. Added localization into different languages available for big Enterprise customers. SmartCloud Connect interface, dashboard and settings are now available in 6 world languages. The localizations can be enabled by request.

  • English (USA)
  • German (Germany)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • French (France)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Norwegian (Bokmål)

5. An optional possibility to sync unresponded MS Outlook/Office 365 meetings in Salesforce was Implemented. See this article for more information, ServiceSyncNotRespondedInvitations setting.

6. Added extra flexibility to records auto-resolving mechanisms applied by SmartCloud Connect to generate missing Salesforce objects to link automatically saved emails and calendar items. See details about the new implemented special settings SalesforceSmartCreateUnresolvedObjects and SalesforceEmailCreateAllUnresolvedRecipients in this article.

7. Optimized the font used in SCC Add-In and Chrome Extension with a more condensed one, thus reducing fields width fitting issues without compromising the readability. Changed from Open Sans to Lato font.

8. In order to ensure real-time handling of People records (WhoIds) involved in a synced meeting, optional continuous syncing of the invitees list was implemented. If it’s not enabled, the attendees list is synced only on events’ initial sharing and remains unchanged afterwards.

9. The Return on Investment Study SCC Admin panel tab now also displays the number of Contacts and Leads auto-created in Salesforce by SmartCloud Connect.

10. Now recipients Engagement data (email openings) registered in SCC Engagement panel can be filtered according to a specific criterion, such as the time period when opening was registered, recipients’ email domain (organization), or the email Sequence and Step they belong to (in Revenue Grid).

11. A new Activity Timeline Filter was added, to enable the users to view only the overdue (not completed within the set time frame) Salesforce activities.

12. Added an optional possibility to get emails saved as Tasks/EmailMessages by SCC Synchronization specifically marked in Salesforce; this allows to determine which emails were auto-saved by SCC, saved in compose mode or saved by category assigning.



Notable fixes

1. Fixed a specific issue which was causing unexpected SCC Synchronization stops with Exception notifications “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”.

2. [Gmail] fixed a specific issue with SCC Chrome Extension opening as a blank screen after 1911 update, caused by architecture versions discrepancy. Now the extension always works as expected.

4. Fixed an issue that was making it impossible to set up a Salesforce service account for SCC Sync mass activation in a Salesforce Sandbox environment.

5. Improved SCC Meeting Scheduler (Book me/Calendar availability) consistency by fixing an issue that caused incorrect availability slots being displayed after switching to another time zone.

6. Fixed functioning of the “Quick send availability” MS Outlook ribbon icon; now the slots selection links it generates work properly, no “This link to book a meeting seems to be invalid. Please contact organizer to get the new one” notification is displayed when such links are opened by a recipient.

7. Now SmartCloud Connnect correctly detects mail server connection availability when Engagement tracking, Time Slots, or Book me features are opened and displays a notification that these features work only when mail server is connected.

8. [Mobile devices, iOS] Fixed an issue where fields in records’ detailed view were not properly rendered in the Sidebar opened in MS Outlook mobile.

9. Fixed an issue where attachments shared with an object would not be displayed in the “Notes & Attachments” category of this object viewed in SCC Sidebar.

10. Fixed a rare issue where calendar items would be duplicated for an unspecified reason by SCC sync, resulting in sync stopping.

11. Fixed an issue where emails would not be saved if the Date field was added to the Save dialogue in SCC Customization settings.

The update also includes a number of other less significant bugfixes, back end and front end optimizations, minor UX/UI tweaks, etc.


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