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SmartCloud Connect Latest Release Notes and Knowledge Base Updates

1911 release notes (notable improvements and changes)

General Improvements and New Features

1. The Save Email and Save Event dialogs were revised and updated, for improved use convenience. See this article for more information.

2. Added the possibility to set up or refresh MS Exchange mailbox access authorization for SCC Add-In right from SCC Sidebar; a corresponding dialog is displayed automatically when MS Exchange access authorization is not set up or is lost (for example due to mailbox password change). This simplifies SCC Add-In setup procedure for end users in Orgs where MS Exchange Impersonation cannot be used to mass-authorize up MS Exchange access. See this article for more information.

3. Implemented the possibility to mass authorize Salesforce data access for the end users via the new SmartCloud Connect Admin panel‘s subtab “Salesforce connectivity”. See this article for more information. This way, now the local Admin will be able to perform all required SCC setup/authorization actions on behalf of the end users.

4. Based on customers’ requests, implemented an optional possibility to auto-delete calendar items from MS Exchange/Office 365 if their matching Events were removed from Salesforce calendar. See this article for more information.

5. Based on customers’ requests, implemented an optional possibility to link Events created via SCC Meeting Scheduler (the “Time slots” and “Book me” features) to People objects, besides Business objects, via a dedicated Save to Lead or Contact field. See article 1 and article 2 for more information.

Other Meeting Scheduler’s new features:

  • “Book me” now has a new parameter, implemented as the “From date/To date” controls. These are used to delimit a time span over which calendar availability selection is still actual, e.g. for the duration of a several days or weeks long conference, business trip, or field visit.

  • The possibility to hide advanced “Book me” and “Time slots” meeting creation parameters, by each individual user, this making the “Book me” or “Time slots” dialog window more focused.

  • Implemented view focusing on the slots selection page sent out to recipients, so slots suggested for very early or very late for recipient’s local time will not remain unseen. In addition, now the slots selection page can be scrolled down to view slots falling out of display on smaller screens or lower resolutions.

6. Implemented optional continuous updating of synced meetings’ invitees lists (previously, they were only synced on meetings’ initial sharing); this ensures syncing in Salesforce calendar of newly added meeting attendees as well as (also optionally) of meetings not accepted but still attended by an SCC user.

7. Per an enterprise customer’s request, added an optional setting that allows disabling creation and modification of Salesforce Tasks via SmartCloud Connect, save for the Tasks which represent emails shared in Salesforce using the Save button or SCC Sync.

8. Further augmented the ROI calculation formula and updated several ROI user interface labels.


Notable fixes

1. Fixed an issue which prevented signing in via SCC Wizard for all end users with Salesforce SSO for Partner Community license. Now such users will not have issues with signing into SCC.

2. SCC Chrome Extension’s stability improvement: fixed an issue where SCC Chrome Extension’s Sidebar would not open in Gmail when a non-English locale was used.

3. Customization stability improvement: fixed a specific issue where the REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error on customization metadata retrieval would lead to user’s SCC customization corruption and therefore no objects being displayed in the Sidebar (“Tasks were disabled in Customization of SmartCloud Connect, so you are unable to… “).

4. [Outlook for MacOS only] increased Add-In stability on MacOS by fixing an issue that was causing errors on using the Track Engagement and Quick Save features.

5. Engagement tracking stability improved: fixed a rare issue which caused an infinite progress notification “SCC is working on your Track Email Opens request”.

6. Fixed an issue with handling of recurring meetings, where a cancelled meeting occurrence would be shared in Salesforce with the “Canceled: …” subject, instead of its deletion from Salesforce.

7. Fixed a specific issue that occurred on private calendar items first syncing, resulting in an error “A private event can’t be updated to non-private”; now private events are synced correctly.

8. [Chrome Extension] Fixed a specific issue that was triggering an error “ISGC-007: Uncategorized error. Contact your administrator for Google services” on Gmail contacts synchronization.

9. Fixed a specific issue with down-synchronizing of recurring calendar items from Salesforce to MS Exchange, which was causing an error “No such column ‘OriginalInstanceDateTime’ on entity ‘Event’ id ClientGUID field is absent on Salesforce”.

10. [MS Outlook for iOS only] fixed an issue which was making it impossible to set the Close date for Opportunities with “Closed won” status.

11. Retrieving user’s work hours from MS Exchange is no longer attempted if MS Exchange connectivity is not available.

The update also includes a number of other less significant bugfixes, back end and front end optimizations, minor UX/UI tweaks, etc.


Knowledge Base updates

New added articles

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The updated Save Email/Save Event dialog

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Admin article: how to mass-set up Salesforce access for the end users

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