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SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

   This is a work in progress article, it will get regular updates.

1. What is SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce?

SmartCloud Connect is an app for Outlook 2013/2016/2019, Office 365/ and Gmail that brings the power of Salesforce right to your mailbox. It is a smart portal embedded into your personal email program and is available from inside your email or calendar. It provides access to Salesforce from Outlook and gathers information related to an email, task, or calendar event. It also allows completion of usual business tasks without leaving your email box to navigate to

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, SmartCloud Connect automatically synchronizes contacts, tasks, calendar events, etc. with Salesforce while taking customized filters, user rights, and other parameters into account. Due to ongoing synchronization, all user devices connected to Exchange can access enterprise data and can manage or update the information from any connected device or platform.

SmartCloud Connect is combination of two main parts – a synchronization engine and an email/event/task/contact handling technology. The first part provides powerful synchronization tools which allows business data to stay up-to-date across all MS Exchange, Office 365/, and Gmail connected devices; whereas the mail app allows you to work with all types of Salesforce business records adding customization to your inbox or calendar.

As a cloud based application, SmartCloud Connect does not require any special security roles or authorization to be enabled. Any user who has an active Salesforce user license and an Office 365 or account (Windows or Mac) with Exchange can enable it without involvement of Salesforce and Exchange administrators.

2. On what platforms can I run SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce?

SmartCloud Connect is a multiplatform cloud solution, you can run it on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android in MS Outlook, or in a supported web browser on any platform. The full scope of SmartCloud Connect features unfolds when it is used with MS Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019 on Windows or MacOS and in Office 365/ running in a browser, however the product also provides solid and convenient Salesforce interaction when used on mobile platforms.

3. Is data processed via SmartCloud Connect transferred and stored securely?

SmartCloud Connect does not store any correspondence or CRM data processed over it, it solely transfers data between your email server and Salesforce over secure Microsoft Azure protocols; your email service and Salesforce access credentials are not kept in SmartCloud Connect, the product’s interactions with your email server and Salesforce are authorized via OAuth 2.0 protocol on SmartCloud Connect setup. Please refer to this article for more information on our Privacy and Security standards.

4. Does ongoing SmartCloud Connect synchronization consume much Internet traffic?

Since data exchange is carried out between your email server and Salesforce server while your local email client and the Add-In only serve to display data and convey your choices and actions, synchronization does not consume any noticeable amount of your local internet traffic.

5. Does ongoing SmartCloud Connect synchronization generate many Salesforce API calls?

No, it does not. SmartCloud Connect has integrated mechanisms which prevent the daily Saleasforce API calls limit from being reached.

6. SmartCloud Connect creates multiple copies of the same calendar event on sync sessions, what should I do to prevent that?

This behavior and other kinds of unexpected sync behavior usually indicate that there is other software transfering data between your email service and Salesforce API, causing data transfer conflicts with SmartCloud Connect. When you are using SmartCloud Connect there should be no other software running that performs data transfer between your email service and Salesforce API (e.g. Salesforce Inbox, Salesforce for Outlook, etc.) Running different MS Exchange – Salesforce sync applications simultaneously will cause sync conflicts and items duplication. If you encounter this kind of unexpected behavior, please check that with your Salesforce admin or, if you are a Salesforce admin, check for such software in the following places: 1. Salesforce Setup > Apps > App Manager 2. Connected Apps * 3. Salesforce Login History.

After you find apps which cause sync conflicts, please refer to this Salesforce Help article to learn how to disable them. Please also note that apps which use Salesforce API but do not exchange data between Salesforce and MS Exchange will not cause sync conflicts.

7. How is SmartCloud Connect priced? What subscription plans are available? Are there custom tailored solutions available?

Please refer to this article for detailed information on product plans and pricing. We also offer custom modifications of SmartCloud Connect to suit our Enterprise customers’ preferences.