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Using SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce with Gmail via Chrome extension

SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce ensures seamless integration between Salesforce and your Gmail mailbox and Google Calendar. After adding the SmartCloud Connect extension to Google Chrome, you will be able to:


For information on how to install the SmartCloud Connect extension, see “Signing Up with SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce and Gmail”.

After signing in to Gmail or Google Calendar, the SmartCloud Connect extension will be opened in the pane on the right-hand side of the Gmail window opened in Chrome browser. You can show or hide this pane at any time by clicking the SmartCloud Connect logo.

To show or hide the SmartCloud Connect extension pane, do the following:

  • In Gmail or Google Calendar, click the Salesforce button.

You can interact with Salesforce via the extension while:

  • Viewing an email message, either in Inbox, Sent Mail, or any other folder
  • Composing a new email message
  • Viewing or creating an event in Google Calendar

After you set up the Chrome SmartCloud Connect Extension to interact with your Gmail box, you can perform the following actions.

Sharing Emails in Salesforce

There are three ways to share an email from Gmail to Salesfoce:

1. select an email from the Inbox or Sent folder or compose a new message, then click Save in SmartCloud Connect extension’s window 2. by moving the email you need to share in Salesforce to the custom Salesforce email folder created by the extension 3. by assigning the email the custom Blue label created by the extension In the latter two cases sharing is performed by SmartCloud Connect synchronization - not instantly but on the next synchronization session (within 30 minutes maximum)

Sharing Events in Salesforce

To share an event from Google Calendar: assign the event the custom Blue label added by SmartCloud Connect and the event will be shared in Salesforce on the next synchronization session.