Record Description and Add Quick Memo

When processing records, besides having your record notes at hand – in the Description field at the bottom of the record’s detailed view that mirrors the standard object Description field in Salesforce – you sometimes need to quickly add an informative comment or update about a record, as a note or reminder for yourself or for a colleague working with the same record. The Add Quick Memo feature of SmartCloud Connect serves this purpose.

Quick memos are added on top of the record’s Description, put as log entries including a date/time stamp and the name of the memo’s contributor.

To add a Quick memo to a record:

1. Expand the record’s card in the Sidebar by clicking on it

2. Select the Quick Memo tab among the tabs shown in the card

3. Enter the memo’s text in the “Add memo to {object’s} description” field and click Post to add the memo

Note that at this step you can also attach a relevant file from among the email’s attachments to the record, by clicking the attach icon located next to the Post button and selecting the file.

Now you and your colleagues can see the memo in the record’s description and react to it.


if Add Quick Memo is unavailable with the “description not found” notification, that means the standard Salesforce object Description field is either not enabled for this object type via SmartCloud Connect Customization page’s central pane, Detailed view or is marked as read-only/non-editable in Salesforce