Working with Activities

SmartCloud Connect allows you to work directly and efficiently with Salesforce Activities.

Besides sharing emails or events in Salesforce or creating events via Scheduling Assistant there are more ways to create a Salesforce Task or Event activity in SmartCloud Connect: by using the + (Add) button in the Sidebar’s header or by hovering over the Activities Timeline tab and clicking the ••• button that appears on the right-hand side of the tab.

Your future and past Task and Event activities are listed under the Activity Timeline tab and you can quickly view any activity’s details and browse through associated records by clicking the > (Expand) icon next to it:

A related convenience of use feature: clicking on the green checkmark circle next to a record in the Sidebar directly opens this screen with the latest linked activity’s details.

Activities Filter

You can choose what activities will be displayed in the tab by clicking the Filter icon and selecting corresponding radiobuttons:


If you click on the green checkmark while working on an Email or Event in Compose mode, the latest associated Activity will not be opened instantly and you will see the notification “Send this {email/event} to see saved activity in Salesforce. Typically it takes 10-15 minutes to appear.” However, if the event has already been saved to Salesforce, the activity will open immediately.

In SmartCloud Connect desktop (.MSI) implementation, if you click the green checkmark while editing an event, there will be another notification: “This event will be associated to {object’s type and name}. Typically it takes 10-15 minutes for this change to appear in Salesforce.