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Using the Smart Description Feature for Events, Contacts, Tasks

Office 365


Please note that this feature is only available for Enterprise customers.


Check also: a related feature readily available in standard SmartCloud Connect configuration - add quick memo.

SmartCloud Connect can fetch the content of any targeted field of any objects stored in Salesforce, including custom objects, and automatically copy it to any chosen text field of an Appointment, Contact, or Task record which is displayed in MS Outlook, e.g. the Description field. This mechanism makes displaying of custom added fields’ contents in the Sidebar convenient and flexible, thus unlocking implementation of various custom solutions for smart targeted data retrieval from Salesforce to MS Outlook.


Retrieval of smart description works only one-way, from Salesforce to MS Exchange/Outlook, thus the changes you may make in it in MS Outlook will not be up-synced to Salesforce or kept.

An example of the Smart Description feature application is automatic appending a Contact’s phone number, position, organization’s address, or any other details contained in the Contact’s non-standard fields, to the Description of an Event (meeting) with this contact, to make it more informative and thus faster to handle.

By default, smart description content appended this way is delimited from the field’s original content by ‘++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++’:

Similarly, a Task’s or Contact’s description filling can be enhanced by automatic addition of extra details contained in any relevant objects’ custom fields.


Please note that when some useful details are appended to an Event’s Description, they will also be seen by the Event’s attendees, including the external ones, e.g. customers, so be considerate about what sensitive information might be included into the smart description.

To implement the Smart Description feature for your org, contact us at [email protected] with a corresponding request specifying:

  • object fields which you want to retrieve data from
  • target text fields to which it should be added