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Context-Specific Smart Actions Suggested by SmartCloud Connect

SmartCloud Connect uses Microsoft Natural Language Processing and other text mining algorithms to scan email and event bodies and signatures to gather additional contact information and other key data in order to locate more related records in Salesforce and suggest context-specific actions.

The examples of message context-specific actions suggested by SmartCloud Connect:

  • If there is a key phrase in the message body indicating that a meeting or call is suggested for a specific time, the Add-In will recommend creating a corresponding Event, with its Date, Time, and Description fields prefilled with key information from the message:
  • If a newsletter message is received and the Add-In detects an unsubscribe link in its body, the Unsubscribe smart action will be listed among Smart Actions Alternatively, you can unsubscribe from a newsletter via SmartCloud Connect by clicking Yes next to “Is this spam?” in the header of the Sidebar