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SmartCloud Connect Support for Salesforce Custom Buttons

When you are viewing a Salesforce object in SmartCloud Connect Sidebar, the Add-In also renders custom Salesforce buttons available for this object type. These custom buttons set up to open URLs or perform specific actions in Salesforce are fully functional in SmartCloud Connect Sidebar.


only those custom buttons which open links in your web browser or perform actions implemented as Salesforce links are supported. Additionally, in the latter case if you are not logged in to Salesforce, upon clicking the button you will be prompted to login to Salesforce via a standard Salesforce OAuth window. Please also note that unsupported Salesforce buttons will not be displayed in the Sidebar

To view and use custom buttons/actions available for an object, you need to click on the special icon next to it:

The standard custom buttons listed for Contact, Lead, or Account objects are:

  • open the record in Salesforce
  • open the associated company’s website
  • search for the Contact, Lead, or Company in LinkedIn
  • send SMS