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How to Use Salesforce Email Templates in SmartCloud Connect

Salesforce email templates help you effectively increase the speed of composing standard messages for the customers. With SmartCloud Connect Add-In you can use popular Salesforce message templates to initiate and maintain business correspondence. In addition to that, SmartCloud Connect will automatically populate the template you chose with key data retrieved from a relevant Salesforce record or the email’s body and signature. The templates can be easily customized in Salesforce according to your specific needs.

To compose a message based on a Salesforce email template in SmartCloud Connect Sidebar opened MS Outlook or Office 365:

  1. Compose a new message by clicking New email or Reply or select a message you want to respond to in MS Outlook/Office 365.

  2. In SmartCloud Connect Sidebar, expand the Smart Actions tab and then click the Insert email template icon (or Reply with a template in read mode).

  1. In the Email Templates dialog, populate the necessary fields:

3.1. In the Template folder field, select a customly created Salesforce templates folder or leave the default folder All templates.
3.2. In the Template name field, select the Salesforce email template to use.

Standard Salesforce templates selection:


3.3. In the Recipient record field, select the contact or lead to whom the email message is addressed.
3.4. In the Related to record field, select a record you want to link it with in Salesforce (for example, a support case or opportunity).

  1. Click Insert to put the text of the template into a message you created or compose a new email based on selected template.