A single solution for managing your entire Siebel and mailbox workflow

Crush all CRM, Inbox, and calendar complexities, with key benefits that solve all of your routine bottlenecks

Unrivaled synchronization

Our real-time bi-directional sync ensures complete match between data in your Siebel and Outlook. Be it your emails, calendar events or any customized objects, SmartCloud Connect makes your sync consistent. We provide an instantaneous, semi-automatic, or fully customizable data interchange, so you can keep your entire team on top of all business updates, with no routine work.







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Contextual add-in, with actionable insights

Update Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Service Requests, Call Reports, and any other Siebel records, without a shred of distraction from your workflow. SmartCloud Connect lets you fully customize the layout to match your CRM processes within Outlook. Gain a complete visibility into your upcoming business milestones, and your finished tasks. Get a clear vision on the full activity timeline of your deals, and access every feature of SmartCloud Connect within your native Outlook Mobile app.

Manage Siebel objects from your Outlook / Office 365

Reveal contextual insights next to each conversation in Inbox

Convert leads into opportunities, with no distractions

Access all Siebel features next to your emails

Customize every angle of SmartCloud Connect, matching your processes

Associate your emails to CRM records with benchmark-breaking tool

Communicate more effectively with the accounts you're engaging by bringing all of your Siebel CRM into Outlook / Office 365. SmartCloud Connect helps you write highly personalized messages, leveraging the context of your leads and contacts - all from your mailbox.

Match your Siebel objects with emails

Customize your email sync or autosync

Create reminders

Track email opens in the activity timeline

Use Seibel email templates

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Schedule meetings effortlessly and match everyone's calendars in seconds

SmartCloud Connect allows you to save time and keep your Calendar workflows smooth. Enjoy a single, unified view of your Siebel and Outlook calendars, explore meeting attendees - all directly from inbox. Our Scheduling Assistant enables you to set meetings in one email and reduces all back-and-forth when finding a convenient time slot. Furthermore, with our enterprise-class scheduling, you can match everyone's calendars in seconds by selecting your periods of availability, leveraging a personal meeting booking page, and more.

Delegated Calendars Support

Recurring events support

Scheduling Assistant

Share availability from your Inbox

Business/Private calendars sync

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Docs, spreadsheets, contracts, and other files - all in your mailbox

Match your custom files-driven workflows with your contacts, accounts, opportunities, and any other Siebel records - directly within Outlook / Office 365

Add files to Siebel records

Sync all saved files linked to emails with your CRM

Maintain visibility and control upon your document processes

Simplify your daily business workflows

Set reminders on each further files-linked activity needed

Have all the latest versions of your files within a 1-click reach

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