Sync Emails, Calendar, Contacts to any Custom Objects between Salesforce and Inbox

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SmartCloud Connect bi-directionally syncs all your emails, contacts, meetings, and any objects in Salesforce so you won’t have to jump between your Inbox and CRM, instead just use a rule-based, semi-automatic or completely automated sync.

Whenever you get an incoming email, SmartCloud Connect allows you to automatically create a task within the corresponding Opportunity, Account or other object in your Salesforce. It also lets you auto-create the lead in case it was not in your CRM.

From the comfort and convenience of your Outlook or Gmail, you can also create, edit or save emails, meetings, attachments, and custom objects to the right place in the CRM. The fully-adaptive sidebar from SmartCloud Connect, enables you to take complete control on customization of every object you’d like to sync, with point-and-click ease.

Watch a 1-minute how-to video on how to save emails and attachments to Salesforce within a single click:

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Sync Emails,
Calendar, Contacts
to any Custom Objects

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Get 360° View of Your Clients
Right from Inbox

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Create/Edit Contacts
and Leads and Custom Salesforce Objects

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Use Salesforce
Email Templates
Right from Your Inbox

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Know What Happens
With Your Email
After Sending

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Customization is Easy as 1,2,3

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Merge Duplicate Leads, Accounts and Contacts Inside of Your Inbox

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Book meetings in one email

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