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Our company enables the cutting-edge technology for 20+ partners, making their customers yet more productive and competitive across legal sphere, finances, and insurance, to mention but a few. SmartCloud Connect is trusted by a number of sizable world-leading vendors – our long-lasting and highly-valued OEM partners .

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What we can do for our partners

Integrate-icon Our Partners


We integrate your corporate CRM system with personal communication environment (Outlook, Gmail).

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We develop highly customized solutions that are unique to the industry.

Prototype-icon Our Partners


We can create a fully working prototype in the shortest time possible (2-3 days).

Implement-icon Our Partners


We roll out full-fledged integration solutions that function in a stable and flexible mode.

Train-icon Our Partners


We offer access to our knowledge base, trainings and documentation.

Support-icon Our Partners


We provide dedicated customer success services in rolling out our solutions.

We do not charge any partnership fees.

Operating benefits for our partners

Total flexibility and variability of solutions.

Availability of initial customization services.

Adaptability to technical environments of any complexity.

Ease of consequent maintenance and administration.

Ease of company-wide roll out.

Efficient and unlimited direct technical support for your team.

Financial perks to become our partner


Ability to co-sell custom Inbox & Calendar integration projects, specifically tailored for customers’ systems and use cases.


Pre-sale and post-sale assistance, both remote and onsite if required (supplied with high-quality marketing materials).

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How we live up to the expectations of our partners

What do we do to contribute to our partners’ success?
Our steps are the following:

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We thoroughly research our partners' needs and work habits.


We are always available for any follow-ups needed.

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We manage a training custom-tailored specifically for your team to answer every user’s. questions.


We gather feedback, offer webinars and email updates, as well as introduce new features.

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What our partners say about us


litify_logo_horizontal Our Partners

Litify is the best-in-class Salesforce-based law practice management SaaS platform. As a result of the partnership around SmartCloud Connect, law firms can leverage a complete performance optimization of daily legal workflow operations and management of legal affairs from intake to invoice through their native Inbox.


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SpringCM is the leader in document workflow and contract management. As a result of the partnership around SmartCloud Connect, companies can significantly accelerate the entire document lifecycle (from contract creation through negotiation, signature, and renewals) right from their native Calendar and Inbox applications.

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