10 Best Free Giveaways at Dreamforce 2019:

Helicopter tour, Louis Vuitton shopping, MacBook and more

Attending Dreamforce can be a lot of fun, but this Dreamforce 2019 is full of great, unconventional giveaways that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Dreamforce is an event like no other, attracting big-time executives, marketers and industry leaders with attendance numbering in the six figures. With an audience like that, there’s more prizes on offer and a bigger chance of taking home something cool.

We’ve compiled 10 coolest giveaways we expect to see, and how to nab some free stuff with the exhibitors.

  • $2,500 shopping experience

    Anaplan tops our list with their Dreamstakes 2019 raffle. It’s a $2,500 gift card to Louis Vuitton for a shopping experience of a lifetime. Visitors to their booth are also able to get a 2020 CPX pass, valued at $1395.

  • Helicopter tour

    Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Dreamforce? Conga is offering to see San Francisco from the sky on a one-of a kind helicopter tour. An exciting way to take your mind off Dreamforce if just for a few hours.

  • A MacBook Pro

    Equally as cool is PlaceCPM for giving visitors a chance to take home a MacBook pro. Things like Starbucks gift cards might pale in comparison to a new MacBook – but PlaceCPM’s got some of those, too.

  • A 3D Printer

    Propel is also offering an impressive array of swag including webcams, tripods and carry-on bags. What really surprised us is that you also have a chance of nabbing a 3d printer.

  • Alexa Echos and Dots

    Alexas are also in vogue this year, with many Echos and Dots littering Dreamforce. We can expect to see them offered at AWS, FormAssembly and PwC – so you’ve got lots of chances to grab one.

  • $250 Amazon Gift Cards

    We happen to think that the best gift is the one you choose yourself. Try your luck to win one of three $250 Amazon gift cards from Icertis at the event.

  • An electric scooter

    Need to get around a little bit faster around Dreamforce? Jitterbit can get you scooting around on a GOTRAX electric scooter and avoid all that walking.

  • Apple watches

    Apple Watches are no longer novel, but they’re coming out in droves anyway. Visit the booth at OSF Commerce, Whatfix, Phala Data and LiveHive for your chance of grabbing one.

  • Portable chargers, water bottles, and more

    Sendoso is offering a #swagforce pack in exchange for a photo with your favorite swag on Instagram. The best part? They'll send it to you after Dreamforce is over, so you don’t have to carry it home.

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