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Seal deals faster with 99% SMS open rates within your Salesforce-enabled Inbox

SmartCloud Connect & 360 SMS new partnership packs a punch, bringing the #1 SMS for Salesforce solution into your CRM, Inbox & Calendar mix

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Our new partnership helps you


Send SMS from your Outlook / Gmail

With 360 SMS for Salesforce in your Inbox, you can easily send text messages to your customers and prospects, without the need to switch between your CRM, Outlook / Gmail. Your conversations will be automatically logged as activities (with SMS type) to Salesforce.

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Get an email ping instantly when you receive a response

Be notified with an email when you receive a text message. That way, you can respond to your prospects faster, while keeping your workflow in your Inbox.

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Keep your Salesforce data fresh, automatically

Never again copy and paste your text messages to Salesforce. SmartCloud Connect handles it automatically, refreshing your CRM with each incoming/ outcoming SMS or email.

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Spend less time navigating through tools and more time connecting with prospects

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