Time management is vital for sales reps’ success. Yet, a study conducted by InsideSales this February shows disturbing figures. As it turns out, sales reps spend only 35% of their time actually selling. The tough truth is – 65% of their time is not spent on generating revenue.
Instead, it falls on administrative tasks, which, although sales related, are major time killers. Fortunately, most of that time-consuming hustle can be avoided through automation.

Below are some examples of the most frequent time killers you can easily evade using sales enablement tools.

Finding new contacts and leads

Finding new prospects is a lengthy and a routine task. Moreover, it takes up hours of precious time, which could otherwise be spent on communicating, forging deals and negotiating sales. The good news is – the entire procedure no longer has to be done manually. In fact, you no longer have to leave your inbox to fill in all the required forms. Datanyze Prospecting Simplified tool does that for you: it streamlines your prospecting tasks and saves your time and effort.

Composing emails

Email templates tailored to specific occasions are sales greatest assets. Even if you have to reach out to thousands of correspondents daily, tools like Reply.io help to easily handle this workload by personalizing each e-mail. You no longer need to leave your email client, since sales enablement tools integrate seamlessly with your familiar OS and application environment.

Scheduling meetings

Here’s another time-consuming task. Anyone who has appointed meetings through an email knows how lengthy and tiresome it can get – picking appropriate time, including everyone involved, reading responses, matching schedules and time zones, booking venues etc. With modern automation tools, you can now reduce these numerous steps to a few mouse clicks.
SmartCloud Connect lets you simplify all calendar-regulated workflows, making the scheduling routine as effortless as it can be. Its suite of features allows you to escape endless tapping between your CRM, Calendar, and Inbox. Its Scheduling Assistant enables you to set meetings in one email and reduces all back-and-forth when finding a convenient time slot. You can match everyone’s calendars in seconds by selecting your periods of availability, leveraging a personal meeting booking page, and more.

Building reports

Have you ever spent hour after hours on report building only to find out you still have omitted some important details? Let’s face it, reporting routine is not only time-consuming, it’s also an exhausting and tedious. Fortunately, InsightSquared pipeline management tools extract valuable insights across every criteria you can think of using business intelligence to analyze your entire sales account database. These tools save tons of your precious time; but apart from that, you can use them to come up with actionable and realistic sales strategy.

Planning and analyzing your communication

Some meetings and conversations flow smoothly, but sometimes communication takes the wrong turn. Some people on your team are top performers, and some sales reps have a history of frequent failures. No matter how hard you try, it’s nearly impossible to figure out what and when exactly went wrong — and what could have been done differently. You could spend months on second guessing and never really understand which communication techniques work for your customers and which do not. Here’s when Chorus.ai comes to rescue.

Chorus.ai records and transcribes your conversations with prospects in real time letting you analyze conversation patterns and gain new insights into sales opportunities and meeting performance. You can discover which conversation techniques work best, and create scripts to train your employees based on them. It’s also easy to configure, as it integrates with CRM, online meeting and customer engagement platforms.

For most people, switching between application environments is a major source of distraction. The most effective sales enablement tools not only automate lengthy and tedious routines, but also integrate application toolsets and make them available through a single access point. Apart from syncing your email client with a CRM, sales automation apps available today offer a number of other options like lead distribution, report generation, merging duplicate accounts and contacts, data visualization, etc.

Ironically, saving time requires…time. Eliminating time killers to the least extent possible requires investing time and effort into reviewing your sales process, determining major obstacles and deciding on an optimal application stack to empower your sales team. In today’s competitive environment you can’t afford to overlook innovations that could help you stay on top of the game.

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