7 sales follow up email templates

Best follow up email tactics for sales reps who want to win hearts and leads


Modern marketing is tough as it’s hard to get through to customers’ inboxes. The wider variety of techniques, tools and weaponry you wield, the better outcome of your battle for every client.

Some might think that writing letters is not as important as the actual sales calls or personal business meetings. They usually create generic emails for the sake of mere “checking in”, and that’s the biggest mistake salespeople can commit in follow up. Actually, written words possess great power and can render more persuasive arguments to help your addressee make a final decision on purchasing your product or service.

Theory to go

There are numerous questions that pester all sales reps: “How to hook contacts’ interest? When do we follow up? How do we maintain contact without being a nuisance? What vital data can we share? How to bring your idea home to the recipient without over-wording? Why aren’t they answering me?” and so on.

One of the simplest yet efficient answers to the above questions is the leveraging of highly successful email samples reused repeatedly to its fullest extent. Being equipped with handy and time-proven templates of follow up emails can beneficially influence the outcome of your sales efforts.

We’ve collected a handful of notable email templates that are worthy of your attention. Being composed and tested by our inhouse sales gurus, they will help you flex your email muscles most effectively as these email samples generate high open and click-through rates.

Hands-on tips

Do you know that more than 70% of sales emails stop after the first attempt? So, first and foremost, being persistent and relentless is the cardinal virtue for every sales rep. Besides possessing the quality, you’re to follow some recommendations in order to create successful emails and launch great campaigns:

Determine specific goals you want to achieve.

Make a smart start with the context of your previous communication.

Make your communication aim as clear as possible and specify, specify, specify .

Never stop experimenting with your subject line.

Determine the right time for dispatching.

Want to know how to pull psychological triggers in a follow up email and achieve your main goal? Here are several tips: 


Make them think the deal is falling through or they are missing out.

Absolute honesty

Show your real vulnerability and be as honest with them as possible.

Questioning their power

Be extra careful in resorting to this method, not to burn all bridges.

Using specific facts

Quote actual numbers to capture prospects’ attention.

Intriguing them with their personal info

Everyone’s favorite subject is themselves, so it’s possible to indulge this with cool tools or tricks up your sleeve based upon stuff related to them. Show their business/social importance and encourage their involvement in future conversation.

It’s advisable to follow some cold emailing rules mentioned below:

Make your emails about your contacts, not about you.

Keep them short (3-5 sentences), intriguing and mobile friendly.

Use conversational language.

Use simple questions that are easy to answer.

Make every email as personalized as possible.

Follow Up Email Templates: Your Everyday Stack

The main purpose of any follow up email is to receive a response from your prospect who has not replied to your previous efforts. According to some surveys, almost 50% of responses to campaigns come from follow up emails, if they are composed and employed in the most efficient way.

Here are 7 sales follow up email templates to make your contacts respond to your email or nudge into buying (you can surely modify these brief all-purpose examples to turn them into your own):

Use Case: After A Meeting

Below you can find samples of emails you’re to write after business meetings with customers. They can be further modified and employed according to your particular situation.

a) It was a great meeting this afternoon. Here’s a handy PDF doc you can print and send to anyone in the department. I’ve attached the full slide deck in a PowerPoint to this email. I’ve also attached the full custom SEO report on your website. Feel free to share this around the team.

b) Thank you so much for taking the time to talk today. I really enjoyed learning more about your experience with our rivals’ products, and appreciate all the advice and tips you offered. You mentioned that your team is looking for a new decision for your problem, and I actually think our solution would be a great fit for your team. Can I show you our demo? I hope to stay in touch!

Use Case: The First Attempt (a humorous one)

Sometimes it’s advisable to break the ice in business communication and send a humorous letter. It might surprisingly become a successful sales tactic and improve your prospecting process, especially with younger generation. One sample is below:

“I’ve been trying to contact you for some time, but with no results. I hope you haven’t been trampled by a wild herd of rainbow unicorns. “

Use Case: The Second, Third, Fourth Attempts (and so on)

Persistence is the mother of all virtues in sales industry. Never stop after the first or even the third unanswered letter or phone calls. In order to get the valuable answer in the end, you sometimes have to spend more efforts than usual, and employ special software to streamline your workflow. Here are some email templates for such cases:

a) I know you are busy helping your team increase productivity. I want to be sure you know you can share the material I sent your earlier with your team. Here’s the link again. I can give you some ideas on how to most efficiently increase your productivity. Do you have time for a call? Let me know what time is convenient for you. I look forward to talking with you.

b) I am sorry we haven’t been able to connect. When we met, you were very interested in increasing your sales. Just let me know what works for you. I don’t want to be a pest, but I do want to make sure we have an opportunity to talk if you still want to fast track your sales growth.

Use Case: The Last Throw of the Dice (Break Up)

From time to time you can come across a situation when you feel you’ve reached a deadlock with that contact. Here’s an email you can write in the case:

We are in the process of closing files for the month. Typically, when I haven't heard back from someone it either means they're really busy or aren't interested. If you aren't interested, do I have permission to close your file? If you're still interested, what do you recommend as a next step? Thanks for your help.

Use Case: Invitation to Webinar

Useful networking can be greatly amplified during online / offline activities (specialized events, webinars, etc.). If you want to attract lots of prospects to your event, you can compose an email like this:

We’re hosting a webinar, to be of real help to our customers. It will be packed with useful hands-on tricks. You'll be able to ask all of your pressing questions and hear the experiences of other people from the industry. Join our CEO live on Monday, November 18 at 3PM EST: Save the date to your calendar.

Use Case: After A Voicemail (How to Get an 80% Response Rate)

Voicemail plus email can be considered ‘Hansel and Gretel’, or ‘Siamese twins’ in the work of sales reps. To heighten a voicemail effect, you can employ the following email sample:

I just called to inform you about our decision. In my voicemail, I mentioned that I’ll try you again on Friday 17th, but feel free to reach me whenever works best for you at this phone number or shoot me any questions via email.

Use Case: After a Conference, Trade Show, or Networking Event

To further deepen a favorable impression which you produced at some educational / networking event, you are recommended to follow up with an email sample like this:

What a great show. I hope you enjoyed it and learned more about our product to improve your CRM adoption. I’m sure improving your sales team’s productivity is a top priority for you. I thought I’d send you our most recent whitepaper for you to review. If you’d like any additional information, I’d be more than happy to have a quick chat over the phone. Just let me know if you have any questions or would like to have a more in-depth conversation.

There’s one more trick we’d like to share with you. Even the greatest email templates can bring no value if they are not used for every new prospect on a regular basis. A sporadic use of geniuslike mails won’t make your ROI skyrocket. What is the way out? The answer is automation.

You can automatize your routine work with emails, especially if you have a CRM at your fingertips, by using tailored email templates, pre-written and pre-populated with pertinent CRM data, to make miracles on the fly. Here’s the tool that is an actual magic wand – SmartCloud Connect. The roll-out of this product requires no special training and is accompanied by top rank support. Their great customer service and free trial are definitely worth considering.

Bottom line

It’s very simple to become follow up email jedi, all you need to do is to follow our tips, use follow up email templates and believe in yourself!

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