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G2 Crowd Leader in Sales Engagement & High Performer in Other Categories

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We lead the way at SmartCloud Connect

As we wrap up another memorable summer, we not only look back on the sunshine, barbecues and the painful task of putting away our beach gear, but on our accomplishments, too.

SmartCloud Connect, a top sales engagement platform provider, has been named as G2 Crowd’s Leader for Summer 2019 in Sales Engagement Software and High Performer in Online Appointment Scheduling and Email Tracking Software.

G2 Crowd is the premier review platform that scores products based on verified and validated reviews from actual businesses. As a result, it’s a one-stop shop for businesses looking to weigh their software options using unbiased reviews from businesses just like their own. It also aggregates data from other online sources, communities and social networks far and wide.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers are saying about us:

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Sales Engagement Leader for 2019

Salespeople, management and marketing professionals alike depend on sales engagement software to integrate between various communication channels, tools and materials to optimize their workflows. Here’s how SmartCloud Connect ranks among the contenders in this industry category:

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Appointment Scheduling High Performer for 2019

Appointment scheduling software is a must for businesses on tight schedules. Assign appointments, view calendars and update appointments for all participants automatically. Here’s how SmartCloud Connect compares with other scheduling software:

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Email Tracking High Performer for 2019

Email tracking software allows users to streamline their sales and marketing processes by tracking email open rates, attachment downloads as well as monitor email delivery. Here’s how SmartCloud Connect stacks against its competitors in this category:

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We’re also a leader in positive customer sentiment

We at SmartCloud Connect believe that our customer reviews are a testament to customer satisfaction. After all, today’s main competitive differentiator is a great customer experience. Online reviews are not only a showcase of that, they also offer just about anyone an excellent starting point to making an educated, worry-free decision.

With G2Crowd’s community of over 400,000 user reviews consisting of decision makers, buyers, analysts and other industry professionals, you can rest assured that you'll receive an unbiased, peer reviewed opinion. Over a million people visit G2Crowd every month to gain unique insights about business software.


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