We decided to ask our customers about why they chose SmartCloud Connect and how their life has changed after they started to use it. Today we’ll share with you a detailed review by one of our customers, which he kindly allowed us to publish.

“Our company is using Microsoft Exchange as an email server and Salesforce as a backend CRM system. It was a huge problem for our sales team to log all of our activities into Salesforce since we are mostly not in the office and work from our tablets or smartphones in the field – having meetings or negotiations. We also had a lot of difficulties with accessing Salesforce data, since we need to have it constantly and on the go, and getting updated information such as new meetings or tasks which were created in Salesforce but were not accessible while we’re not logged into the system.

We tried to solve our problems with different mobile applications but they either had a lack of synchronization or functionality, low adoption level – people just not using them – and poor ROI. We wanted a solution which could solve our problems, was easy to adopt, supported different devices (we use our own btw) and able to give us fast and impressive results.


We learned about SmartCloud Connect (SCC) and decided to give it a try. They offer synchronization of Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 with Salesforce and provide an Office Add-In which allows us to get access to Salesforce data from email or meeting when you are reading or creating it. It also has a lot of complementary and intelligent tools which can help in the sales process. We’ve started from 5 seats and now we’re signing up more and more users each week.

We started with the Office Add-In as a fully free option but then we had been advised to activate synchronization to get more benefits from SCC. And we really got them!

Contacts and Leads.

All of my Salesforce contacts are now in the Outlook Business Contacts folder – that’s great that I don’t need to create them twice and can just share them with Salesforce or get them from my Inbox. Also, I always have them in my iPhone Contacts app. All I had to do is to create an Exchange account and I got all of my Salesforce contacts which I can edit if I need. Then all of my changes happen in minutes in Salesforce. I can also create contacts on the fly from anywhere – in Outlook People, from email or meeting, or even in my Contacts app etc. I also like that I can create leads from inside an email as well as follow up with any task without leaving the email application. SCC also helps me immensely by filling in fields and adding data automatically.  Now, I can save contacts or accounts with minimum effort.



It was a really painful problem for us to sync our Exchange calendars with Salesforce and we completely got rid of it with SCC. All Salesforce meetings are now on my calendar, I can plan my time carefully and be aligned with my sales team. I also appreciated that I can have all meeting information in my Inbox with the SCC Office Add-In which can provide a lot of useful data for preparing and scheduling meetings. When I plan a call to a customer I need to gather information about their previous interactions, leads, deals etc. and it often took a lot of time. With SCC I can find all I need in the palm of my hand, since the information is context dependent and filtered for my needs.



I can save incoming and outgoing emails to Salesforce in just one click, all from my Inbox! I don’t need to open Salesforce – I can do this with the SCC Office Add-In by clicking the Record button, or moving it to the Business Emails folder or adding the Salesforce category to it. It’s really helpful when I want to record emails in the application where Add-In is not available, for example in my Apple Mail application. Emails save automatically in the appropriate related records and becomes available for my sales team to view. I also often post a message to Chatter that I’ve shared the email if it’s really important and I need fast processing of it by my team. I’m also very excited that I can convert emails in the new Salesforce record – Case, Opportunity, Order, Contract etc.  – and SCC will pre-fill all needed data which it can obtain from the email content.


Complementary tools.

I’d like to highlight some features, which we weren’t looking for specifically but found them very helpful when we started using SCC.

First is Magic Pixel  – it allows me to know if the customer read my email and I can follow up with him. I add this pixel to every outgoing email which I send and then check where and when it was opened.

Another great thing is Chatter integration which we have also started to use with SmartCloud Connect. I can communicate with my team via Chatter in Salesforce. I can record related feeds, share emails and attachments – I no longer need to forward emails to my colleagues and create long threads which are hard to track and respond to.

We also appreciate the customization option  – it’s a really cool feature, which allows me to add any Salesforce object type to my Inbox without needing any IT specialists or consultants. I can tune filters, add fields, and customize layouts etc. on my own without any formal training or education!


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