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  • Email drip campaigns
  • Multi channel sequences
  • Email analytics
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What you are getting with each pricing plan

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Data Auto-Capture

email-icon Pricing  Auto-sync Emails

calendar-ok-icon Pricing  Auto-sync Calendars

contact-icon Pricing  Auto-sync Contacts

attachment-icon Pricing  Auto-sync Attachments

sidebar-with-salesforce-icon Pricing

Smart Email Sidebar

create_leads_icon Pricing  Create Salesfrorce records

email_tracking_icon Pricing  Track email openings

email_templates_icon Pricing  Use Salesforce templates

customization_icon Pricing  Customize to your needs

Enterprise-scheduling-2-icon Pricing

Scheduling Assistant

Calendar-autosync-2-icon Pricing  Auto-sync work-only events

icon-cal-sent Pricing  Send availability & time-slots

Delegated-calendar-sync-2-icon Pricing  Manage delegated calendars

Recurring-event-sync-2-icon Pricing  Auto-sync recurring events

icon-file-manager Pricing

Easy File Management

Save-cloud-storages-icon Pricing  Auto-save to Salesforce

attach-filets-icon Pricing  Attach Salesforce files

user-attach-crm-icon Pricing  Save directly to cloud storage

icon-link-add Pricing  Generate a shareable link

Auto-capture your Sales data. Get actionable insights.
Automatate repeatable routines.

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Options for back-end deployment

  • Multi-tenant, Azure-hosted, managed by us
  • Single-tenant, Azure-hosted, managed by us
  • Single-tenant, Azure-hosted, managed by you
  • Single-tenant, non-Azure-hosted, managed by you with our assistance

Features unavailable in free option

  • Auto-sync of any data; customization
  • Calendar Assistant; saving Calendar items or attachments
  • Magic Pixel; Salesforce templates
  • Connecting more than 10 users

ROI Calculations

You can easily calculate your expected benefits when rolling out SmartCloud Connect. Current calculator will show you how much time and money you can actually save around productivity improvements. These do not involve other benefits like quality of CRM data, user adoption, forecasting and others.



Saved time

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Saved time

Saved money


Saved time

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