About SmartCloud Connect 2.0

SmartCloud Connect 2.0 provides you with AI capabilities, that gives you full understanding of how opportunities are going and allows you to make better decisions. It easily becomes your trusted advisor and business coach for your sales team, converting your CRM from just a reporting system into a proactive powerful sales tool.

Intelligent Features

Improve Your Business with AI for Salesforce Using SmartCloud Connect 2.0

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Trust your pipeline

Be sure you’ll reach your quota.

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Convert data into experience

Use experience accumulated in Salesforce from previous sales activities and external communications

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Get signals and actionable

Be armed with AI-powered signals and to do the right step in the right time

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Full opportunity insight

See how warm your opportunity really is and compare to similar opportunity

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Why your best sales is the best

Share your best sales guy experience and coach your team.

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ChatBot for your Salesforce

Talk with your Salesforce like you talk with your colleagues