Southeast Dreamin’ was created by Salesforce users for Salesforce users, to provide learning and networking opportunities as well as facilitate collaborations. The event takes two days and offers a bunch of informative sessions where Salesforce admins and users share their valuable experience on how to benefit more from Salesforce.

SmartCloud Connect powered by Invisible will be presenting its solutions – SmartCloud Connect and SmartCloud Connect 2.0.

SmartCloud Connect is “melding” Salesforce into email clients (Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, IBM Notes), providing a smart window into your CRM system with access to all relevant and necessary business information.  It allows to:

  • create and update Salesforce business records directly from an email or calendar event,
  • save emails and attachments to Salesforce,
  • log any interaction activities with customers,
  • create follow-ups,
  • get customer insight from Salesforce and social media,
  • post to Chatter feeds,
  • compose email messages with Salesforce letter templates and track their openings,
  • and more.  

SmartCloud Connect 2.0 provides you with AI capabilities, giving you a more complete understanding of how opportunities are going and allow you to make better decisions. SmartCloud Connect 2.0 can become your trusted advisor and professional business coach for your sales team, converting your CRM from a simple reporting system to a powerful and proactive sales tool.

If you think about the integration of Salesforce with your Inbox, or search for information about AI for Sales, learn more about SmartCloud Connect and SmartCloud Connect 2.0 or Try it for FREE.

Invisible is the global leader in software development, integration and customization of complex enterprise-class software solutions, cloud applications and environments that teams use all day long. We are experts at bridging enterprise information for personal communication applications like Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, IBM Notes, various messengers or any other native mobile applications.

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