Welcome to Spring ‘20 Release

Dive deep into the new release chuck-full of new automation hacks, functional improvements for Gmail users, new languages support and, of course, better usability, easier productivity, and neater design.

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Salesforce Records Auto-Creation

Let your trusted skipper steer
(Leads and Contacts creation)

A new person just popped into your Inbox or Calendar?
Let your improved autopilot stand by the wheel. SmartCloud Connect will immediately know whether to create a new Lead or a new Contact and to what Account to link it.

  • arr-green Spring '20 Release

    New people cc’ed
    in emails

  • arr-green Spring '20 Release

    New people in
    Calendar items

  • arr-green Spring '20 Release

    Better tracking, auto-creating,
    and auto-linking

Gmail Integration

Bargeload of improvements for Gmail users

Great news for Gmail users: this release has a landslide of functional improvements in email tracking, Calendar availability and sharing time slots.

  • arr-green Spring '20 Release

    Better tracking with Magic Pixel, including email opens, clicks, time, location, device and more.

  • arr-green Spring '20 Release

    Easier scheduling with Calendar availability.

  • arr-green Spring '20 Release

    Sending time slots in the email body.

spring-release-2020-gmail-users Spring '20 Release

Interface Localization

Parles français? Bien sûr!

SmartCloud connect speaks your language. We have translated our interface into 5 languages to make you feel even more like home in your Inbox.

  • french-flag Spring '20 Release
  • spanish-flag Spring '20 Release
  • german-flag Spring '20 Release
  • portuguese-flag Spring '20 Release
  • norwegian-flag Spring '20 Release

Saving Emails to Salesforce

Navigate full waters of your Inbox easier

Quick saving of emails is becoming ever quicker. Now you can assign Salesforce category to emails immediately and navigate your Inbox with an ease of a seasoned sailor.

Improved Design and UX

Straighter course to saving
and linking emails

We keep on improving saving and linking emails to make it more slick, more logical and, most importantly, more effortless.
Faster saving, easier linking, better performance.

sr2020-img1 Spring '20 Release
sr2020-img2 Spring '20 Release  sr2020-img3a Spring '20 Release

ROI Calculator

Know your gains better with the upgraded ROI report

Additionally to showing the profit from automating routine, your ROI now calculates just how many objects like Leads and Contacts have been auto-created while you were concentrating on business.

pip Spring '20 Release


Product improvements were implemented
during this release

Salesforce Admin Control

With great admins come great automation

SmartCloud Connect loves all things automation and this season’s release is ripe with more great options, like:

  • Set up default states for auto selecting attachments, like behavior, Preselect All, and Preselect None.
  • Automatically pre-fill Date Sent field when saving an email and escalating it to Case.
  • Set up synchronization for all your Gmail users with the help of Single Service Account.

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