Experts Interview: Top Sales Automation Tools to Crush your Sales Goals

Matt Heinz, Nancy Nardin, Craig Elias, Mark Roberge, Jamie Shanks, Morgan J Ingram, Brynne Tillman, Richard Harris, Rex Biberston, Steve Richard, Eric Dreshfield, Mario Martinez

“What are your top 3 favorite sales automation / productivity tools when it comes to saving big bucks for enterprise?”

Matt-Heinz-bg Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Matt Heinz

linkedin-sales-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

I use it daily to find new leads, get trigger events to re-engage past leads and stay connected with customers, prospects, partners and more throughout my network.

LeadIQ-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


Indispensable tool for getting highly-accurate contact information plus in one click add them to as well as specific Outreach follow-up sequences.

nudle-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Timely updates on what my target accounts and prospects are doing daily.

Nancy-Nardin-bg Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Nancy Nardin

smart-cloud-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce

It makes it easy for me to keep Salesforce up to date. I don’t have to leave outlook to update or add records and I can access my Salesforce email templates. Time is precious and this protects my time tremendously.

AdobeSign-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


I can quickly sign any PDF that’s sent to me. It doesn’t have to be sent as an electronic document. This saves me a great deal of time. On the flip side, I can quickly send a document for eSignature which makes it convenient for our customers.

Gong-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

I use that for every call. It records my calls allowing me to skip the note taking and concentrate on the discussion at hand. I can also send the link of the recording off to the customer. Sometimes, I’ll package it into a Consensus video and attach collateral.

Craig-Elias-bg Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Craig Elias

nudle-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Relationships are the ultimate sales productivity tool and Nudge helps me to leverage my relationships to learn of new opportunities sooner and close deals faster. It does this by letting me understand the strength of, and improve, my relationships with customers, prospects, referral sources and industry influencers. I believe in Nudge so much that I agreed to be on their advisory board.

lead-gnome-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Lead Gnome gives you a head start on the many sales opportunities created when a decision maker changes jobs. It mines replies to your emails telling you when someone has left the company - three to six months before their email address bounces - and allows you to learn of new highly relevant connections in your current accounts and your target accounts.

evernote-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Evernote takes my first two sales productivity tools and allows me to put them on steroids. I pay for the premium version so I can use its business can scanner function that sends automatic LinkedIn connection requests, instantly adds new contacts to my phone, and emails my contact information to everyone I scan the business card of.

Mario-M.-Martinez-Jr Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Mario Martinez Jr.

mm1 Top 3 Sales Automation Tools - I use it to find any number and or any email w near darn perfect accuracy.

mm2 Top 3 Sales Automation Tools - only the best tool for #SellingwithVideo out there. This platform allows me to engage w buyers through video using green screen technology to even further personalize every note.

mm3 Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


Grammarly - single handily the best tool for sales reps to have your spelling and grammar checked BEFORE you hit send. It’s a must have for any sales person.

Jamie-Shanks-bg Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Jamie Shanks

goVideo-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

GoVideo by VidYard

Humanizing and Synthesizing market best practices for customers in a more authentic way.

Morgan-J-Ingram-bg Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Morgan J Ingram

salesloft-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


Because I can segment my message accordingly and personalize.

SFDC-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


Because I have to keep track of my activities, even though I have a good memory it's hard to remember everything in the chaos.

zoominfo-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


Because it gives me the direct dials and emails that I need to send my message out.

Brynne-Tillman-bg Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Brynne Tillman

boomerang-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


I love the Gmail automation tool called Boomerang. This brings emails back to the top at a scheduled date - so I don't miss a follow-up or opportunity.

SharpSpring-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


We use SharpSpring as our CRM and Marketing automation tool - while there are many out there like Hubspot, Pardot and others, this one is so user friendly and lets us know when our leads are visiting our website, opening emails, downloading content etc. and then scores the leads based on their behavior. It makes identifying interested buyers so simple and effective.

Social-Selling-Template-Expander-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Social Selling Template Expander

And, as Social Sales Link we have our own productivity tool in Chrome called Social Selling Template Expander. This allows us to store our templates, edit them as needed and then auto-populate anywhere in Chrome with a short cut. You never have to search for old messages, copy and paste again. And, it's free.

Richard-Harris-bg Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Richard Harris

Combined Communications Platforms These are platforms designed to help the sales team (SDR, AE, and Customer Success) better communicate with the prospect throughout the customer lifecycle. My favorites are Sales Loft, Outreach, Cirrus Insight, and

Coaching Platforms
These are tools that allow you to record the conversation between salespeople and prospects or customers, then do keyword analysis for specific coaching. You can listen for words being used or perhaps words not being used and coach. My favorites in this category are Chorus, Gong, and ExecVision

Gainsight-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


Customer Success Platforms
These are tools designed to improve the customer experience by providing insights into actual usage of your own platform. These tools help improve engagement, increase stickiness (renewals), and provide red flags to help prevent churn. Gainsight is my favorite in this category.

Rex-Biberston-bg Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Rex Biberston

apollo-logo Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


I love having one cohesive system for managing my daily sales tasks. But what I love even more is being to automate or eliminate a ton of the tedious stuff (like what to do after a cold call). That's why I use Apollo. It's got the most advanced rules engine + every other feature I want in a sales acceleration tool. When it's set up right, it can't be beat.

connect-and-sell-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


I love solving problems for people, and I often use cold calls to do it. I find people whom I can help by proactively reaching out to them and delivering value. But I hate dialing phone numbers, dealing with gatekeepers, or leaving tons of voicemails. So I use ConnectAndSell to automate all the parts I don't like and to generate 10X more conversations than I can without them.

goVideo-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

GoVideo by VidYard

It probably sounds like I'm all high-volume, all the time. But there are so many times that a nice personal touch can get the deal done. So I use GoVideo to record personal, direct video messages for prospective clients. I also use it for support with current clients, so it's a 2-for-1 value.

Steve-Richard-bg Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Steve Richard

Sifdata-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


Gives you job change alerts for any contact in your SFDC. This is valuable because research shows 70% of discretionary spending happens within the first 100 days of a new executive in seat (Craig Elias).

Sigstr-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


Centrally managed email signature lines. The real estate at the end of your emails is valuable space. You should be using it to promote great content to get more engagement with prospects and clients alike. It's a no brainer.

ExecVision-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


I'll only do two because I'm a bit biased for ExecVision.

Eric-Dreshfield-bg Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Eric Dreshfield

apttus-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Apttus Quote-to-Cash

I’m not just saying this because I work for Apttus. It truly is the industry-leading Quote-to-Cash solution. Several analysts like Gartner, IDC and Forrester have said so. With Apttus Quote-to-Cash companies can center in on driving revenue from the start of every customer interaction, and across all departments and sales channels.

spekit-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


Spekit is a newcomer to the market, but already making waves by creating a world-class Sales Collateral Repository solution. Spekit makes it easy to have all your sales content, case studies, pricing strategies, etc., available with just a single click, before, during and after every sales interaction. This means more time selling and less time searching…and that’s money in the bank!

SwagIQlogo2501 Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


SwagIQ helps shorten the sales cycle and reignite stalled deals by using a data-driven approach. By monitoring sales activities, automatically notifying sales teams of the perfect time to follow-up, then sending a personalized note and high-impact gift with just a few clicks, your sales teams can get noticed and close more deals.

Mark-Roberge-bg Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Mark Roberge

Gong-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

I like it for aggregating sales call analysis.

discover-org-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools


I like it for accurate prospecting data.

Hubspot-CRM-logo-frame Top 3 Sales Automation Tools

Hubspot CRM

I like it as a free place for companies to begin their sales and marketing data journey.

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