Making Outgoing Calls With SmartCloud Connect

SmartCloud Connect features a built-in dialer that lets you make outgoing calls without leaving your email application. Simply click the Phone button in the phone number field, and SmartCloud Connect will open the Dialer which you can use to call the contact or lead. Your calls can also be logged as activities and saved to the appropriate record along with any relevant call notes. All calls are free.

To dial a phone number from the SmartCloud Connect Add-In/Chrome Extension, do the following:

  1. In the record card, click the Phone button located next to a phone number field.

  2. In the Edit Number dialog box, click Call.

  3. Click the Phone icon to dial the number (or use the dial pad in the Dialpad tab to dial the number you want). If you need to take notes during the call, you can write them in the Memo tab. These notes can later be saved with the activity when you log the call.

  4. When the call is over, click the Phone icon again.
  5. To log a call, in the Log a Call dialog box, fill in the required fields and then click Create. Your call will now be added as an activity to the related record.

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