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SmartCloud Connect includes a number of settings that control how email messages are shared with Salesforce. To configure these settings, in the Dashboard, go to the Sync settings > Detailed Settingspage and use the Email Sync Option block. These settings are as follows.

Automatic Sharing of Emails

You can have all your incoming and outgoing email messages (that is messages in the “Inbox” and “Sent Items” folders) automatically shared with Salesforce. With automatic sharing enabled, your email messages will be automatically saved to relevant contacts or leads as completed tasks.

Note: If you received an email from or sent an email to someone who is not added as a contact or lead to Salesforce, this email message will not be automatically shared with Salesforce.

To enable automatic email sharing, in the Email Sync Options card, turn on the Enable Auto-Sharing switch button.

Linking to Opportunities

You can also have your emails shared not only with contacts and leads, but also with related opportunities. These related opportunities must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • You are the owner of the opportunity.
  • The account associated with the opportunity contains a contact of the person whose email address is specified in the From, To, or CC fields.

If several opportunities satisfy these requirements, the email will be saved to the most recent one. If such opportunity was not found, the email will be saved to the account that is associated with the related contact. However, if neither an opportunity nor an associated account were found, the email will not be shared at all.

This setting affects both manual and automatic email sharing.

To enable email linking to opportunities, in the  Email Sync Options card, turn on the Link to Opportunities switch button.

Blacklisting Emails and Domains

If you do not want email messages from certain addresses or domains to be shared with Salesforce, you can add them to the blacklist. SmartCloud Connect will not share such email messages with Salesforce (neither manually nor automatically).

To add email addresses and domains to the blacklist, in the  Email Sync Options card, in the Blacklisted Domains box, specify one or several addresses or domains you want to block.

Saving Emails for Persons in BCC Field

By default, SmartCloud Connect analyzes only the email’s in the To, From and CC fields when searching for contacts or leads with which to share an email. However, you can also add the BCC fields to this list.

To make SmartCloud Connect look for contacts or leads among the BCC recipients when sharing an email, in the  Email Sync Options card, turn on the Enable Deep Sharing switch button.