SmartCloud Connect vs Salesforce Inbox (Free and Paid): Product Comparison

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Meet the comparison table of major features showcased by SmartCloud Connect and 2 Salesforce solutions. This comparison table will empower you to compare pros and cons and make informed decisions on selecting the best solution for your specific purpose.


Feature / Ability

wizardlogo-2 SmartCloud Connect vs Salesforce Inbox

SmartCloud Connect

sfinbox300px SmartCloud Connect vs Salesforce Inbox

Salesforce Inbox
(Free / Paid)

Auto save Emails and Events


Sync Contacts


Sync Calendar


Sync attachments

Sync tasks

Rule based sync, filters, blacklists

Auto-create new Contacts or Leads

Sync large amount of Outlook items (over 10k)

Business Records Management

Create, View and Edit Salesforce records

Create new Salesforce custom objects


Data prefilling when creating new Salesforce records

View Salesforce custom objects related to email /event context

Link custom objects to Salesforce records

View Salesforce record details and activity history

Open objects in Salesforce from side-panel

View list of related Opportunities

View list of related Cases


Manually link email to any existing Salesforce object

Select email threads to auto log all future emails to Salesforce

Support of email templates

Blacklist email domains that do not get saved to Salesforce

Crop email body thread

Email scheduling



Track email opens (when, location)

Edit email data while saving it to Salesforce

Select email attachments to be saved to Salesforce


Attach a file from SFDC when composing new email

Save historical email data as .eml file to Salesforce and other cloud storages


Advanced Recurring meeting sync


Insert Salesforce fields data into Outlook event description

Send meeting time slots


Full support for Delegated Calendars

Personal booking page with all available time slots

Bi-directional sync of meeting attendees

Rule-based auto saving of appointments to invited and attending Leads, Contacts and Opportunities in Salesforce


Ability to add custom fields to view/edit from Outlook

Ability to customize standard objects look and feel in Outlook


Ability to customize custom objects look and feel in Outlook


Create limitations on user customization options

Robust customization settings migration/import

Tailor Add-In quick actions available in Outlook toolbar

Department and user specific customization profiles



Search standard Salesforce objects in the sidebar

Search custom Salesforce objects in the sidebar


Apply custom filter when searching

Search through specific fields of a record

Preview object details in search results


Deployment Options

Cloud, shared-tenant instance

Cloud, dedicated-tenant instance

Private Cloud (Azure stack)

Private collocated servers

On Premises

Office Store, enablement for a group of AD users

Installation using a custom manifest file and a custom AD App

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