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Key features of Dropbox for Salesforce & Inbox include:

Add files to CRM records

Access Dropbox content on the go from Outlook/Gmail

Simplify your daily business workflows

Share files with your colleagues team-wide

Maintain visibility and control

Have all latest versions of your files within a 1-click reach

Connect with Salesforce, any other CRM, or use no CRM at all

Connect your custom files-driven workflows with your contacts, accounts, opportunities, and any other records in CRM - directly within your Outlook or Gmail. SmartCloud Connect provides a complete access to all of your Salesforce data, any other CRM data, as simply data of your Inbox with no CRM at all.


The front-rank files sharing & storage solutions for your business are now in your Inbox

Connect enterprise-class leading document collaboration platforms to Outlook / Gmail, and any CRM

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Integrate once, collaborate dozens, reach in 1 click

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